Degree Spotlight: Educational Studies

By Jessica Meyer

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Before you begin studying to earn a Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies, there a few things you should know. Read on to discover everything you should know about your field of study and its career outcomes:

Does Not Lead to Initial Teacher Licensure

As a student pursuing a bachelor degree in education, it is important to be aware that an education studies degree does not lead to initial teacher licensure. Instead, this program is meant to deepen your understanding of education and instruction so that you may inspire change. The knowledge you gain from this program can prepare and qualify you for a fulfilling career that aims to improve the 21st century learning environment.

Provides Insight in Teaching and Learning

This degree provides you with foundational skills that focus on developing and applying pedagogical practices. Whether you pursue a traditional campus degree or an online education degree, you will participate in a dynamic academic setting where you can interact with faculty and peers to study educational psychology, literacy, diversity, instructional technology, communications and classroom management.

Focuses on Leadership Styles

Another element of this program is leadership. You will review leadership planning and management strategies to understand the techniques that are in alignment with educational laws. You will also take several leadership courses, such as leadership styles and methods for academic environments, classroom engagement and management techniques, and teaching strategies for K-12 students.

Offers Several Career Opportunities

This program will not only prepare you with the knowledge and skills to teach and lead, but it will also provide you with the ability to develop tactics for evaluations and create advanced curriculums. With your expertise, you will be qualified for respectable jobs such as a trainer, policy maker, curriculum specialist, program director or education advocate. This wide selection of job opportunities also offers a variety of potential work environments. With this degree, you could work at nontraditional school settings, nonprofit organizations, private elementary schools, social service agencies and more!

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Written by Jessica Meyer, a senior earning a marketing degree at GCU.

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