GCU College of Education Alumni Join the Educational Community

graduation cap that says love to teach

Going “back to school” or going to school for the first time as a teacher, is an opportunity to join the ranks of the educational community within a school. Grand Canyon University College of Education alumni are called to progress into teaching positions with the knowledge of InTASC teaching standards and the passion of the GCU conceptual framework of learning, leading and serving.

These Lopes are equipped with the character of the GCU professional dispositions. Such tools will support new teachers as they progress through many years in the profession if they continue to grow in the essentials of learning, leading and serving as teachers in the classroom.


Teachers who practice the principle of learning in the school community are eager to review teaching tips, articles and viewpoints from other educators. Occasionally this may be individual but is often incited by peer collaboration. They allow themselves to be inspired by ideas and receptive to change. The passion for teaching is contagious, and educators share the desire to combine their efforts for a greater impact on students.


Such passion for teaching floods the classroom with excitement and curiosity. Teachers can be fulfilled by sharing their knowledge of the content in ways that reach their classroom students. Creative units and lessons allow students to think globally, expanding principles through current events, challenges and opportunities. Such dynamic learning in a classroom invigorates passion into the classroom. GCU’s online community and other educational communities allow for sharing, building upon and refining these ideas for the betterment of the profession.


Serving as a teacher means embodiment of ethical practices and making the classroom a fair and just place. Teachers serve their community by fostering an environment for students to learn within a system of citizens in preparation for becoming a global citizen. A system of classroom management allows students to grow through organization, consistency and cooperation. When a school or classroom has a foundation in these practices, teaching can be a blessing for years, fulfilling the heart of an educator.

Our education philosophy in the College of Education is learning, leading and serving. To find out more about our programs, including our online education degrees, visit our website or contact us today.

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