How to Start Your Back to School Advance

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It happens every August.

After a long, relaxing summer break, we are thrown back into the many responsibilities and high demands of a new school year starting up.

It is a time of planning and scheduling and back-to-school shopping and last-minute errands. It is an exciting and busy time as we try to cram all of the fun we can out of our last few days of summer, while simultaneously preparing ourselves for the new school year.

As a student, I have always enjoyed the back-to-school hype, but have also felt the bittersweet feelings of watching summer end.

During this transition from summer break to starting up a new academic year, there are often back-to-school retreats that provide opportunities for educators to prepare for the upcoming year. While it is important to find rest and relaxation even during the busy times, I believe that it is essential to establish a mindset of “advancing” into the school year, instead of “retreating” from it.

I love this idea of being excited about change and advancement. As students and teachers in the field of education, we should take the time to fully embrace every moment of this time.

So, how do we go about creating this mindset of a Back to School Advance? What challenges does this idea incorporate and how can we set an example for our students to view the back-to-school season with this same sense of excitement and drive as we do?

Take a Deep Breath

I believe that the first step is taking a deep breath and enjoying the simple moments. Instead of getting wrapped up in the chaos of shopping, preparing lesson plans and busily filling in your day planner with appointments and meetings, take a moment to reflect on the moments that make you excited to be a teacher or student. Remind yourself why you became passionate about the field of education in the first place and focus your energy on renewing that passion.

Come Up with New Ideas

The second step for back-to-school advancement is discovering new and fresh ideas to spice up every day that you are in the classroom. My favorite place to browse for creative education ideas is on Pinterest, where you can explore countless lesson plans, classroom games and inspirational sayings to help keep you on track for the new school year.

The Back to School Advance movement is about not getting stuck in repeating the motions of returning to the classroom, but about embracing every moment and sharing with your students the excitement of learning and advancing in knowledge.

As a teacher, it is our job to share the love of learning with our students and demonstrate to them how exciting life in the classroom can really be!

Happy Advancement!

Keep advancing! Find four ways to start your back to school advance in this blog post. Interested in becoming an educator? Request more information from the College of Education.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University.

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