July Blog Topic – Learning All Year Long

Posted on July 01, 2015  in  [ Teaching & School Administration ]

This month we have selected the theme of ‘learning all year long.’

During these summer months, it can be easy to fall into the misconception that learning comes to a full stop. In reality, this is quite the contrary.

We are in a decade of ferocious learning. Not only are there year-round schools across the country, but many students are also learning through experiential activities and trips throughout the summer. There are summer camps that focus on specific topics for learning, such as marine life, plants and herbs or even building robots!

Some students can take this time to excel through physical activities such as sports or swimming, as they learn the basics of teamwork and safety procedures.

In addition to all of this, teachers are active in the summer, too, with professional development, courses, conferences, workshops and book clubs.

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