Spotlight: Master of Science in Instructional Technology

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The evolution of technology is influencing all aspects of our society, including education. For this reason, educators who have an increased understanding of technology and how it can be used in the classroom, are valuable. Grand Canyon University’s Master of Science in Instructional Technology is designed to help practicing educators increase their knowledge of instructional technology.

Offered by the College of Education, this program’s courses are led by experts in their respective fields, such as digital literacies, distance learning, multimedia instruction and technology integration. Keep reading to learn more about how this degree program can prepare you to become a highly effective educator:

Become an Instructional Technology Leader

This program provides hands-on training, project-based learning and the application of concepts in a real-world setting. Learners engage in field and observational experiences that focus on leading in school settings, the use of classroom technology, developing a vision for technology and integrating technology into daily instruction. The skills that you gain while completing this program can prepare you to become a leader in instructional technology at K-12 classroom, school and district levels.

Study the Integration of Technology into Education

Learners in this degree program explore how teaching and learning relate to current brain research, including how brain function influences memory, learning and transfer. You will also be introduced to instructional theories, technology education models, educational research and the organized integration of media in education.

Improve Student Outcomes with Instructional Technology

As learners complete this program’s instruction technology capstone course, they create a one-year professional development plan for integrating technology into their school setting. Graduates of this program have the skills and experience needed to pursue a career as a technology coach or specialist, and practicing educators are better prepared to integrate technology into their teaching to positively influence student learning.

To find out more about Grand Canyon University’s Master of Science in Instructional Technology, click the Request More Information button on this page or visit the College of Education website.

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