Should You Get a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership?

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Uniquely designed and featuring an interdisciplinary approach, Grand Canyon University’s Master of Arts in Christian Leadership can prepare you to lead in a variety of settings. This program is offered by the Grand Canyon Theological Seminary and readies students professionally, academically and spiritually for 21st century leadership.

While completing this program, you will learn the leadership development practices necessary to guide others in community and church contexts. Furthermore, this curriculum will enhance your administrative knowledge and skills so you can go on to transform your church or community as a more effective leader. Consider the following questions to help determine if you should get a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership:

What Skills Do You Want to Develop?

The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership helps you develop a solid foundation on which to construct your management philosophy. While developing strategies, setting goals, inspiring collaboration and managing priorities, you will learn how to apply biblical teachings within church, business, nonprofit, public service and community organizations.

What Are Your Educational Goals?

In addition to a foundational platform in leadership best practices, this master’s in Christian leadership incorporates a vigorous exploration of Christian doctrine. Throughout your coursework, you will participate in supervised field experiences. In the classroom, students will examine topics such as biblical leadership, ministerial ethics, Christian doctrine, biblical interpretation and leadership through change and crisis.

Where Do You Want to Take Your Career?

Graduates of Grand Canyon University’s Master of Arts in Christian Leadership are equipped to serve in a range of leadership roles, such as manager, administrator, executive, minister and program director. After obtaining your degree, you will be prepared to reveal the strength of community and individual gifts, lead through crises and cultivate spiritual growth to promote organizational success.

Grand Canyon Theological Seminary transforms students into Christian leaders and prepares them to minister effectively and faithfully. If you would like to discover more, visit our website or use the Request More Information button located this page.

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