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Dynamic Online MBA Programs That Give You a Competitive Edge

89% Are Hiring

89% of employers said they plan to hire MBA graduates in 2021.1

The online MBA degree programs at Grand Canyon University (GCU) provide a comprehensive foundation in the knowledge and skills needed to lead the business world, giving you the necessary edge to help you stand out. The challenging curriculum emphasizes using marketing, management, finance and leadership skills to achieve organizational goals and personal success. 

GCU’s online MBA program, offered by the Colangelo College of Business, is built around the college's pillars of servant leadership, ethics and entrepreneurism, and is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

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GCU's Online MBA Program Offerings

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At GCU, our online MBA program offers a variety of emphases to help you specialize in a particular area of business. These emphases range from accounting and finance to healthcare systems and sports management. MBA programs at GCU prepare you for an exciting career in a variety of industries by helping you foster an entrepreneurial spirit and gain effective leadership skills. What you learn in class each week can be applied in your workplace the next day.

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Benefits of GCU's Online MBA Program

Earning an MBA can help you grow your business knowledge and gain a competitive edge in your field. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose GCU for your online MBA:

  • Online class sizes average fewer than 25 students with full-time faculty 
  • Real-world emphases, including accounting, leadership, marketing, sports business and more
  • Graduate faster by taking one 8-week, 4-credit course at a time
  • Earn your MBA in as little as 18 months if you have a bachelor’s degree in business or meet accounting, finance and statistics prerequisites 
  • Over three decades of leadership experience
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GCU Offers Online Business Degrees With Purpose

GCU’s Colangelo College of Business is designed to provide students with a distinctive perspective on business. Course curriculum incorporates the view of “business as a force for good.” Business success requires profits to be earned; however, businesses do not exist simply to profit. Long-term successful businesses aspire to a higher purpose — to truly serve society by solving problems and providing value to all stakeholder groups. The more value captured, the more profits are earned, and their abundance can be shared.

A business’ success can serve their community and help lift-up those that are associated and in turn flourish. The more companies that are thriving, the more the standard of living can increase, which impacts better schools and healthcare for all.

GCU's College of Business Teaches Conscious Capitalism

Since its founding, Colangelo College of Business has taught its students the value of doing business the right way, sharing the narrative of conscious capitalism. This is the belief that business should be both profitable and meaningful. At GCU, you are encouraged to look at business as an opportunity to use your talents and profits for the advancements of others, including the individuals and communities that surround businesses as well as the environment — integrating all stakeholders. This approach affords the opportunity for long-term, sustainable business success. Be it conscious capitalism or stakeholder capitalism, the concepts are the same. It is good business to lead with integrity, have a higher purpose, integrate all stakeholders and create a supportive culture in that everybody matters.

Learn More About GCU's Colangelo College of Business

The Colangelo College of Business offers comprehensive business degree programs that address the broader challenges of a contemporary business environment.

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FAQs About GCU's Online MBA Programs

A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that helps you develop skills in leadership, financial principles, economics, accounting and management. Because these skills are valued across a wide range of industries, an MBA is a degree that is highly sought-after by business professionals, like yourself, looking to advance your career and become highly valued by employers.

Unsure if an online MBA is right for you? Explore our other business degrees, including our bachelor of business degrees and Master of Science in Leadership (MSL).

If you are looking to take the next step in your career or move into a leadership position, you may want to consider online MBA programs. Earning an online MBA degree can help you take your career to the next level by providing you with the necessary skills to lead an organization as an executive, entrepreneur, director, manager or business leader.

The online MBA programs at GCU emphasize servant leadership with ethical reasoning as a guide for decision-making. Find out more about our MBA online.

A Master of Business Administration is a highly versatile degree and desirable among professionals who want to upgrade their leadership and management strategy. After completing an online MBA program, you may find a career in the following roles:

  • Chief executive
  • General and operations manager
  • Sales manager
  • Administrative services manager
  • Facilities manager
  • Industrial production manager
  • Transportation, storage and distribution manager
  • Compensation and benefits manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Training and development manager
  • Construction manager
  • Entertainment and recreation manager, except gambling
  • Social and community service manager
  • Personal service manager
  • Cost estimator
  • Human resources specialist
  • Logistician
  • Project management specialist
  • Management analyst
  • Compensation, benefits and job analysis specialist
  • Business operations specialist
  • Postsecondary business teacher

Yes. GCU offers several MBA programs online with or without an emphasis. Online MBA degree programs allow you to learn with expert faculty and students from around the world while preparing you to stand out and move up in today’s competitive job market. The online MBA program courses at GCU are designed specifically for busy professionals who are career-focused.

Enjoy flexibility and convenience while still earning a high-quality education with an online degree program

Online options are on the rise as employers and prospective students begin to truly understand the high-quality education offered in online degree programs.1 If a flexible and convenient education opportunity sounds appealing to you, you should pursue an online MBA program from GCU.

Put any reservations about how much you will learn or whether networking is possible in an online program aside, as 87% of employers said they are confident that graduate business schools, like GCU, prepare students to be successful in their organization.2 This means online MBA programs are well worth your investment.

If you have an undergraduate degree in business and seeking an MBA without an emphasis, an MBA program online or on campus from GCU allows you to earn your MBA in as little as 18 months.3 Browse our online MBA programs to see a full list of required courses to graduate.

Earning any type of higher-education degree is not considered easy. Whether you walk into a classroom every day or log onto the computer for classes, the rigorous coursework and high expectations required to complete an accredited online MBA program takes a great deal of self-discipline. You should be prepared to spend upwards of 12 to 15 hours per week studying, for a duration of 18 months or longer.4

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3 Upon evaluation of transcripts, students with business-oriented undergraduate degrees may waive all MBA fundamental courses to complete the program in as little as 18 months without an emphasis without doubling up on coursework. Students should consult their student services counselor for options. Students with non-business undergraduate degrees may have the ability to waive one or more of the following fundamental courses associated with their programs of study if content was taken and completed with a B or better: ACC-502, FIN-504 and SYM-506.

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