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Grand Canyon University’s bachelor's degrees in business develop and refine skills in core areas such as economics, accounting, marketing, statistics, organizational behavior and legal and ethical issues. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or you have been in a business profession for several years, GCU’s undergraduate business majors cover topics all business professionals should understand to gain a solid academic foundation for a chosen career path.

Our practical undergraduate business degrees can prepare you to apply the skills you are being taught directly to your career. Furthermore, you can strengthen your communication and leadership skills to help you prepare for today’s competitive business world.

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ACBSP Accredited Business Degrees

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) accredits many of GCU’s business master’s programs. This accreditation acknowledges that those programs meet ACBSP standards, which aim to promote programs that further business education through research, exceptional teaching and positive student outcomes.

GCU has been institutionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1968. This accreditation reflects our dedication to providing students with a comprehensive, quality education that meets the standards and criteria established by the HLC. Learn more about GCU’s accreditation and which business degrees are accredited by the ACBSP.


More About GCU’s Business College

GCU has much to offer undergraduate students and aspiring business professionals. From our multiple modality offerings to our strong core business principles, we are passionate about equipping you with the tools, knowledge and experiences you need to enter the business world after graduation.


GCU was ranked the #2 best business college in Arizona for 2024, according to Niche.com1

FAQs for Aspiring Business Majors

If you’re seeking to become a business professional, browse through some frequently asked questions to gain more insight into earning your degree and pursuing a career in business.

Earning a bachelor’s in business from GCU can prepare you to be the driver of servant leadership, ethics and entrepreneurism within your own area of expertise. We teach business best practices, to serve others, to improve the community, how to generate revenue, and then how to redistribute those funds to make the world a better place.

Our faculty strive to be accessible, approachable and available for our students to help them find their purpose. All learners are part of a student-centric environment with an emphasis on higher purpose and academics, making a GCU business degree a potentially great investment for your future.

Bachelor’s degrees earned through an online format can offer the same quality education as one might expect to receive from an on-campus program. Online degree programs are designed to provide more flexibility and convenience the ability to earn an education that is equally as valuable as those attending in person. Various factors, such as the accreditation of the university and its values, are often more important when determining the quality of education, rather than the modality in which you complete it.

Depending on the specific type of business degree you enroll in, your business major may focus more on one specific area of business than others. However, your program curriculum will typically cover multiple other areas of business as well to provide you with a well-rounded knowledge set. Classes you may take can cover areas such as:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ethical and legal business practices
  • Management

There are a vast number of business major options for aspiring business professionals to choose from. Depending on your area of interest, you may lean more toward some than others. For example, if you enjoy working with numbers, a major in finance or accounting may be ideal for you. If you prefer the more in-person, face-to-face side of business, you may enjoy marketing or management. If you’re an innovative, creative type, you may also explore the possibility of completing an entrepreneurial degree with the potential of starting your own business.

Yes. Many universities offer the option to earn a bachelor’s degree in business online. Online programs are designed with a curriculum that is meant to provide you with the same quality of education as attending the program in person. Online discussion boards, interactive assignments and collaborative projects can allow students to receive a well-rounded education alongside their peers completely virtually.

There are various different types of business programs for undergraduate students based on different sectors of the business world. You may choose to develop your love of computer technology into a career helping to protect sensitive information by pursuing a cybersecurity management degree. If you have a passion for working with numbers, a degree in finance and economics may be a good fit for you. Explore all our business programs to find the one that’s right for you.

Popular Undergraduate Business Degrees

For aspiring business professionals, GCU offers an array of undergraduate programs for you to choose from. Browse through our program offerings to find the program that is best suited for you and your career goals.

BS in Accounting

Begin your career in accounting by earning your bachelor’s in accounting from GCU. This program will provide you with a comprehensive overview of important areas of accounting, including job order costing systems, budgeting and financial statement preparations. You will also cover several other relevant business disciplines in your studies, such as marketing, economics, business finance and statistics and organizational behavior and management.

BS in Applied Human Resources Management

Earning an applied human resources management bachelor’s degree from GCU can prepare you to begin your career as a human resources professional in various industries. In your program, you will be taught various critical components of human resources management, as well as how to apply them to optimize the performance of an organization.

BS in Business Administration

Position yourself to potentially become a strong and influential business leader by earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from GCU. Undergraduate business majors will have the opportunity to learn how to become modern, conscientious leaders in today's business practices, while continuing the fundamentals of business, including topics like operations management, labor markets and responsible business practices. A business administration degree encourages collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

BS in Business Management

Position yourself for a potential management role in a business or organization with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. This business degree can prepare you to improve an organization’s effectiveness and lead a team. Undergraduate business majors in this degree program study organizational management, servant leadership, innovative work environments and managerial concepts.

BS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

In a BS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management program, you can become equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead others in crisis situations. This program combines teachings of business and leadership skills with a comprehensive understanding of homeland security and emergency management principles. Prepare to protect and lead others in emergency situations as you pursue your homeland security and emergency management degree.

Colangelo Scholarship Opportunity

GCU proudly offers the Colangelo Scholarship, which recognizes incoming freshmen who have dedicated themselves in service to others — whether through volunteering or entrepreneurship — and who meet ethical and academic standards. For more information about the application process, please visit our Scholarships and Grants page.

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If you are ready to apply for a bachelor’s degree in business at GCU, or have additional questions needing answered, we are happy to help!

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