Bachelor's Degrees in Business

What Is an Undergraduate Business Degree from GCU?

Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) bachelor's degrees in business develop and refine skills in core areas such as economics, accounting, marketing, statistics, organizational behavior and legal and ethical issues. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or you have been in a business profession for several years, GCU’s undergraduate business majors cover topics all business professionals should understand to gain a solid academic foundation for a chosen career path.

Our real-world undergraduate business degrees prepare you to immediately apply the skills you are learning directly to your career. Furthermore, you can strengthen your communication and leadership skills to help you prepare to succeed in today’s competitive business world.

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Is GCU's Business School Right for You?

Earning a bachelor’s degree in business from GCU prepares you to be the driver of servant leadership, ethics and entrepreneurism within your own area of expertise. We teach students the right way to do business, to serve others, to improve the community, how to generate revenue the right way, and then how to redistribute those funds to make the world a better place.

As faculty, we strive to be accessible, approachable and available for our students to help them find success and purpose. All students are part of a student-centric environment with an emphasis on higher purpose and academic success, making a GCU business degree a great investment now and in the future.

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Accredited Business Degrees by ACBSP

Learn more about GCU’s accreditation and which business degrees are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP).

Popular Bachelor's Degrees in Business


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Become a strong and influential business leader by earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from GCU. Undergraduate business majors will learn how to become modern, conscientious leaders in today's 21st-century business practices, while continuing the fundamentals of business, including topics like operations management, labor markets and responsible business practices. A business administration degree encourages collaboration, communication and critical thinking to help you climb the ladder to CEO.


A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration can prepare you with the skills you need to become an entrepreneurial thinker, a decision-maker in a variety of settings, and jumpstart your career as a specialist or manager. Undergraduate business degrees in administration may lead to careers in general and operational management and other leadership positions! Many graduates of this business degree program also choose to continue their education by earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Business administration typically describes a set of activities (e.g., accounting, financing, quality assurance, project management and marketing) that are essential in maintaining the operations of a business organization. If you have excellent leadership and organization skills, a degree in business administration may be right for you.

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Grand Canyon University ranked “Best scholarships for bachelor’s degrees in business administration.”1

Sports and Entertainment Management Degree

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Turn your love of sports into an exciting business career with a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Entertainment Management. Undergraduate business majors in this program gain real-word practical experiences while examining relevant topics, such as sports consumer behavior, sponsorships, public relations, facility management, industry trends and strategic planning. In GCU’s sports and entertainment management degree program, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences through access to our NCAA Division I athletic teams.

Sports and entertainment management involves a variety of business aspects related to sports and recreation, including planning, directing and organizing for major organizations or retailers. If you have a passion for sports and an interest in business, a sports and entertainment management degree may be the perfect choice for you.

A degree in sports and entertainment management is a winning combination of taking chances, facing challenges and pursuing your love of sports. With a sports and entertainment management undergraduate business degree from GCU, you will be prepared for an exciting career in the sports industry, working with teams from youth to intercollegiate and professional, running the front office or speaking with coaches and the media. Earning a sports and entertainment management degree may allow you to work in athletic administration services, human resource management, sports sales management and media or sports facility management.

Hospitality Management Degree

GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management helps you learn the skills needed to contribute to the overall success of an establishment, typically a hotel or restaurant. One of our newest undergraduate business degrees, the hospitality management degree will help you learn skills related to management, marketing, operations, communication and more. Additionally, GCU offers you access to the GCU Hotel and GCU Golf Course to help you gain hands-on learning experiences, including how a hotel and restaurant are managed.

Hospitality management is comprised of a variety of services related to the hospitality industry, including hotel and lodging and food service. If you are interested in the inner workings of hospitality establishments such as resorts or restaurants, this bachelor's degree in business may be a great fit for you.

A hospitality management degree can lead to a fulfilling career with opportunities in multiple industries. The variety of colleagues, clients and situations within the hospitality industry will allow you to improve on your professional skills as well as service skills, such as accommodations, event management and food and beverage services. Many hospitality management majors seek employment in the hospitality industry as a lodging manager, food service manager, personal service manager or an entertainment or recreation manager.

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Bachelor of Science in Business Management

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Prepare for a management role in a business or organization with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. This business degree prepares you to improve an organization’s effectiveness and successfully lead. Undergraduate business majors in this degree program study organizational management, servant leadership, innovative work environments and managerial concepts.

Business management is a term used to describe a variety of managerial positions across business and organizations. Business managers oversee operations and help employees reach their top productivity level while coordinating and organizing business activities. If you want to become a leader or manager in an organization, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management can help you find a successful career.

A business management degree teaches students a variety of administrative, marketing and accounting tasks. You’ll learn how to work closely with a team to manage a business and successfully organize business processes. After earning a business management degree and gaining some work experience, you may choose to work in a business or organization as a human resources manager, sales manager, facility manager or other managerial positions. If you are considering advancing your business education, you may choose to also pursue an MBA or a Master of Science in Leadership (MSL).

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