Healthcare Research and Resources

Dig Deeper into Healthcare Research

Enhance your educational coursework by engaging in published research and journal articles from Grand Canyon University's scholars, advanced students and educators. This interdisciplinary exploration may help you broaden your knowledge to help you become a more effective servant leader. Use these in-depth research publications to further your academic exploration and expand your learning experiences in nursing and healthcare, beyond classroom lectures and labs.

Center for Innovation in Research on Teaching

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The Center for Innovation in Research on Teaching (CIRT) supports excellence in research and teaching at GCU by using different teaching disciplines to develop an integrated community for educators. This faculty-driven initiative can help foster creativity, critical thinking and learning. For more information on CIRT, visit

Journal of Institutional Research

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If you are interested in pursuing a Research Ready certification in the future, the Journal of Instructional Research (JIR) can demonstrate how to apply for a variety of grants and tell you how to submit your own research. JIR is published annually. Read the latest issue, visit

Institutional Review Board

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GCU ensures that all GCU-conducted healthcare research is ethically sound and meets federal regulations by overseeing research to ensure it follows stringent Institutional Review Board (IRB) processes. Learn more about IRB standards.