The College of Science, Engineering and Technology's science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curriculum is built upon the collaborative efforts of Grand Canyon University's (GCU) academic experts and industry partners. As a student in our STEM programs, you experience cross-disciplinary exposure, extensive hands-on activities and project-based learning to academically engage you in applying principles to real-world scenarios.

Choose from STEM degrees in engineering, information technology, computer science and biology in four different medical disciplines. Earn an online IT degree, or take engineering classes on our main campus. STEM majors can also choose a combined emphasis degree to teach one of the STEM disciplines at the secondary school level. Internships are available in all STEM programs.

The College of Science, Engineering and Technology is committed to aligning our STEM programs to accreditation standards to help you meet or exceed industry standards.

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Computer Science Degree and Information Technology Degree

As part of GCU's commitment to growing the number of STEM professionals for today's workforce, the College of Science, Engineering and Technology added programs in computer science and information technology. Gain a competitive edge in the workplace with curriculum that was designed in collaboration with industry professionals. The computer science program helps you prepare for a career analyzing big data, managing STEM professionals or developing gaming software. The information technology degree helps you prepare to work with businesses or organizations to improve the efficiency and performance of their enterprise systems. 

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About GCU’s STEM Programs

STEM disciplines have been identified by the U.S. Department of Education as important areas of focus. STEM education emphasizes real-world and interdisciplinary approaches, integrating these subjects in coursework and demonstrating relevance in working environments.

To support student success and our country's initiative to remain globally competitive, the College of Science, Engineering and Technology's STEM programs help strengthen skillsets that are valued in enterprises. Whether you choose a campus program or one of our degrees online, you are taught in a virtual learning environment that requires you to build your own platform using software and cloud technologies. And, each of our science and technology programs has internships available that will allow you to earn practical work experience.

Because STEM fields are constantly evolving, our curriculum is adaptable. We integrate new concepts into our curriculum and work with industry experts who alert us to changing technology.

Start College Early

Qualified high school students can get an early start on their college education by being a part of GCU's dual enrollment program while still in high school. Find out more about your opportunities to start earning college credit.

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Enhance Job Skills

Augment your STEM degree with individual courses to enhance your job prospects. You can sharpen technology skills or pick up basic engineering principles that can make you more competitive.

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Academic minors can help you gain a competitive advantage in your chosen field and enrich your knowledge base. Choose a minor that complements your major, or pursue a passion while earning your degree.

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You have options at GCU. You can attend class on our main campus in Phoenix, at an extension classroom or online. No matter which option you choose, you will enjoy individual attention, peer support and small class sizes.

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