Theological Research

The College of Theology develops impactful theological research across diverse fields of study. Our professors regard their published work to be scholarship in service of the church as much as the academy. These publications provide theological insights and inquiry that can enhance your learning experiences as you pursue Christian leadership or deepen your understanding of the Bible. Explore the published work of faculty and scholars, as well as the resources behind our research standards.

Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching

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The Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching (CIRT) is a faculty-sponsored, collaborative initiative fostering improvements in teaching, learning and research. Integrating expert faculty and scholarly teachers, the center facilitates a unified community to support learning and offers programming and services to help individuals explore new concepts in instruction. For more information on CIRT, visit

Journal of Instructional Research

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The Journal of Instructional Research (JIR) is an annual publication offered by GCU's CIRT. The journal is designed to promote understanding and best practices in higher education using strategies developed through scholarly research. Read more about new, innovative concepts in post-secondary teaching, learning and assessment, visit

Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) helps GCU uphold our commitment to meet the highest ethical research standards and comply with the federal regulations. Learn more about IRB.

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