Grand Canyon Theological Seminary

Grand Canyon Theological Seminary (GCTS) is an interdenominational, evangelical seminary that prepares godly leaders for a lifetime of faithful ministry rooted in biblical truth, sound theology and practical wisdom.

GCU Seminary Seal

GCTS strives to become the premier seminary of the Southwest by forming Christian leaders theologically, spiritually and professionally and by equipping them to minister faithfully and effectively within a challenging cultural context.

The theological seminary seeks to serve churches and other ministries by training Christian leaders in sound doctrine, cultivating Christian character and fostering unity in Christ. As an interdenominational institution, the theological seminary serves a wide array of churches and denominations that hold a high view of Scripture and embrace the central tenets of the Christian faith.

Grand Canyon Theological Seminary grounds students in biblical truth and sound theology. This includes exhorting students to make vital connections between the gospel and the church.

A gospel-centered ministry yields a gospel-centered church, and the church remains the primary means by which Jesus has chosen to engage the world with hope and love. When the gospel is central and the Church is properly ordered, the people of God are in the best position to commend the hope of Jesus Christ to the world in which they live.

Due to the value that GCTS places on ensuring that theological education is accessible and affordable, the evangelical seminary is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of underserved groups, including bi-vocational ministers, ethnic churches, denominations that do not have a theological seminary and ministers who cannot easily relocate to complete their seminary education.

Theological Seminary Mission

The mission of GCTS is to develop leaders, ministers and scholars who rightly handle God's Word, teach what accords with sound doctrine and equip the people of God for missional service within a rapidly changing world.

GCU’S College of Theology

The Grand Canyon Theological Seminary is the College of Theology's graduate school. As such, GCTS offers advanced theological training grounded in biblical truth within the context of a rich graduate culture and a vibrant and diverse community of faculty and students. The seminary features Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Master of Arts (MA) programs designed to form you theologically, spiritually and professionally for leadership, ministry and service. Within each program, you become equipped to handle the text of Scripture correctly for the sake of the ministries you lead, your personal spiritual wellbeing and the society beyond the walls of the local church.

Grand Canyon Theological Seminary is a part of GCU's College of Theology and supports the university's commitment to educate students from the context of our distinctly Christian worldview. In addition to the seminary, which houses the college's graduate programs, the College of Theology helps educate you to communicate the gospel, serve the church and minister with integrity. Our theology degrees, such as our BA in Christian Studies and BA in Worship Arts degrees, are designed to provide you with a focused theological education that is grounded in biblical truth.

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Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is the standard degree for ordained professional ministry. A Master of Divinity online offers the convenience of flexible learning times, while still helping you gain the biblical foundations necessary for a successful career in church leadership. The pastorally oriented curriculum emphasizes the centrality of the gospel, the significance of the church and the pressing need to advance the Kingdom of God through missions. If you are a working professional who prefers face-to-face interaction, the College of Theology also offers evening classes on GCU's main campus in Phoenix for your MDiv degree.

MDiv Residency

The Master of Divinity online features an in-person residency component that gives you an opportunity to work collaboratively with professors and classmates about once during each year of the program. Each residency experience centers on a major area of study that draws on knowledge gained through previous coursework. The residency for the online Master of Divinity hones interpersonal skills, cultivates communicative abilities and develops biblical leadership qualities.

Residency Programs

Seminary Guiding Pillars

The late modern world is fraught with challenges that sometimes seem distant from the biblical world, but the Bible as God's Word remains profoundly relevant throughout all ages. In order to fulfill the biblical call to missions, the gospel must be communicated clearly communicated, genuinely embraced, consistently lived and regularly shared. These convictions undergird the mission and shape the vision of GCTS and, Lord willing, serve to form those who graduate from the seminary's programs.

The overarching vision of GCTS rests on three pillars that constitute the seminary's fundamental values and serves to shape its unique identity and mission. These three foundational pillars are closely related and interdependent, forming a substantial basis for the seminary as it seeks to realize its vision and fulfill its mission to develop godly leaders, ministers and scholars. Like GCU's College of Theology, GCTS is gospel centered, church focused and mission oriented.

Guiding Pillars

Flexible Learning Options

Become a Full-Time Day Student at GCU

Attend classes on our beautiful campus in the heart of sunny Phoenix, while enjoying the support and camaraderie of fellow seminary learners. Full-time students take three courses at a time on the journey to completing their degree.

Campus Experience

Create a Convenient Evening Schedule

The full-time evening modality is designed for working professionals who enjoy face-to-face interaction with faculty and fellow learners. Join fellow learners on our beautiful Phoenix campus on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as you complete two courses at a time.

Evening Classes

Earn Your Seminary Degree Online

Online programs are especially convenient for students who maintain congregational and professional commitments while completing their studies. Create your own schedule, participate in state-of-the-art digital classrooms and enjoy complete access to our Phoenix campus library and meeting facilities when needed.

Online Degree Programs