How to Control Scope on a Project

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Project management control can be like trying to balance many different jobs at the same time. And ineffective project control can be one of the most devastating sources of distress for a project. The project manager's job is to control the boundaries of a project and to clearly define what is and is not in the scope. Managing a project means being able to let the team know what tasks are and are not part of the project.

Overview of Project Controls

Project management control includes many different tasks that need to be defined for the entire life cycle of the project. The person managing a project will define the project, ensure that the plan is solid, make a roadmap for execution and determine what completion of the project looks like.

What Needs to Be Controlled in a Project

1. Project Strategy

Ensure that the methods and project outcome are clearly defined. Set your goals for the project to ensure you have a clear strategy.

2. Project Management Software

Be sure that the PM software you plan to use is up-to-date and can handle the specifics of the project. Be sure that the software will be able to perform the tasks that you need it to. 

3. Costs

A project manager must ensure that the estimated project costs stay within budget. They do this by working with many different team members to ensure that the project value meets stakeholder expectations.

4. Risks

Every project has risks. A project manager needs to begin a project knowing and having analyzed the risks and cataloging past risks to avoid future mistakes.

5. Schedule

Project managers work with all of the team members to determine work capacity and ensure that the project stays on schedule.

6. Documentation

While the work is being done by the team, the project manager is documenting all of these control areas and monitoring progress.

7. Supplies

A project manager ensures that the team has what they need to complete the project. They work with suppliers and management to be sure that the quality of the materials and the cost fit within the scope.

The Importance of Project Management Control

A well-crafted plan allows for a team to focus on doing the work. The team is looking for a project manager to control the chaos that happens and keep the project afloat. A successful project begins with a solid plan and project controls. This well-thought-out plan can be executed when you have the above controls defined and ready to go at the project lunch.

The Best Project Management Control

Controlling the scope of a project allows the project manager to keep just about everything else on track. A strong scope statement should be part of a project management plan. It should include defining the scope and planning on how to keep it under control. This means explaining what work is involved in the project, as well as being explicit about what work is not part of the project. This will ensure that the team stays focused on what needs to get done in order to meet the deadline.

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