How to Lead in Business So Others Will Follow

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Business leaders have a lot on their plates. They are constantly involved in organizational politics, succession planning and in-depth analyses of their business. They must be able to work with diverse groups of people who come from different backgrounds and have different motivations. Business leaders must be able to communicate their ideas and attempt to influence decisions made by groups.

It is not enough to be a confident person to be a successful business leader. Instead, leaders need to organize the people that they work with around a similar vision and a clear outcome. Ultimately, business leaders need to get other people to follow their lead. Those skills are not always natural, but they can be learned. If you have hopes of becoming a great leader, never fear–you can cultivate the skills needed to get your employees to buy into your vision.

Leadership Skills That Attract Employees

Employees are looking for leaders who are authentic. Dedicated employees will help leaders make their visions come to fruition so long as that leader has the qualities that employees admire. Some of those qualities are:


A business leader cannot afford to get mired in the details on a regular basis. They are needed to craft the long-term goals and visions for the company. While they may like to be hands-on in certain areas, leaders cannot let employees see them getting tripped up on small details. Indeed, an effective leader will have people around them who can take care of those issues and free them up to think big for the company.


Employees are looking for passionate and dedicated leaders. These types of leaders make decisions based on the long-term goals of the company. This sometimes means making difficult decisions. Determined leaders also take risks. These risks may not always pay off but a great leader that inspires other is willing to work through the mess and analyze what went wrong in order to learn from it.


Great leaders should be curious. They ask questions and do their research. But they do not get stuck in a cycle of constantly questioning their goals or their methods. Instead, leaders gather enough information to help them make informed decisions. They are able to be reflective about what they learn and apply it to where they want to go.


Generous leaders are important figures for employees. A leader who shares credit and also who offers to teach people new skills will be respected. Employees want to feel that they are valued and also that they have the potential for longevity with a company. A leader who is willing to continuously train employees into new roles or positions shows that they are devoted to maintaining positive employee relationships.


There is no getting around it, employees need to trust their leaders. If they cannot, morale will fall and employees will question the decisions that are being made. A leader needs to be upfront when changes are being made. They need to share positive news about business outcomes, as well. In good times, the leader needs to share credit and responsibilities and acknowledge that everything in the business is a team effort. Trustworthy leaders do not gossip or play favorites in the office. Instead, they make sure all employees feel valued and appreciated.

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