What Is PMI® Certification?

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If you are a business professional looking to advance in your career, then you should consider certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. What is PMI certification? Many fields are becoming increasingly project oriented and PMI certification helps show employers that you are equipped to meet the demands of their projects. While a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an Emphasis in Project Management degree is not a required prerequisite for obtaining your PMI certification, the degree program can prepare you for your certification and help you excel in your career.

About PMI Certifications

Based on rigorous standards and continuing research, PMI certifications are designed to help professionals meet the needs of employers and organizations. There are many different types of certifications one can obtain from the Project Management Institute. These certifications are developed by and for practitioners; with one behind your name you can be prepared to work in any industry, in any location and using any project management methodology.

Certification Process

Each PMI certification requires that you meet determined educational and experience levels before you apply. In regard to educational prerequisites, most certifications require only a high school diploma. However, a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in business can better equip you for your certification and decrease the amount of prerequisite experience you need. The requirements vary between different certifications, so be sure to do your research. Once you have met the eligibility criteria for your certification of choice, you can fill out and submit your application. Your application will then be reviewed to ensure that your experience and education are valid.

Within about five to ten days, you will receive an email notification. If you are approved, you can proceed to provide your payment. You will then remain eligible for certification for one year and may take the test for certification up to three times during that period. The tests are computer-based and held at a Prometric testing site. After scheduling an appointment, taking and passing the test, you are PMI certified and well-equipped for project management in whatever field you choose to work in.

Preparing to Take the Exam

PMI certification exams are based largely off the PMBOK Guide. This guide will be a roadmap to learning and retaining the information you will need to know for your exam. This book is vital to your exam preparation and will help improve your understanding of each topic. Focusing on one area at a time in the book and trying things like flash cards, study groups or teaching the information to someone else can be very helpful in exam preparation.

Furthermore, you can prepare for your certification exam by researching a good prep book that will give you sample questions that will really put your knowledge to the test, before you must actually test. There are also PMI certification exam simulators online that aim to replicate the exam environment to help ready you for the timing and pressure of the actual exam. Exam prep workshops are also a good choice if you prefer a classroom setting or need more one-on-one interaction. 


PMI certification is the best way to boost your career. Once you have received your certification, your current job will likely be affected and your future in the industry you are in may look a bit different, too. Once certified, you are equipped to implement learned knowledge efficiently on the functioning of the organization and on how to better manage organizational tasks and deadlines.

Being PMI certified means that you are qualified to receive a higher pay in your current job or a future job, as you have strong skills to lead and ensure a project is efficiently managed. PMI certification is also beneficial to have on your resume and makes you more recognized in your field. It also shows how dedicated you are to the industry as you have worked hard to improve your professional abilities, credentials and knowledge.

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