Spotlight: Government Students at GCU

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The government students at Grand Canyon University are passionate about making a difference and putting their ideas into action. Many of the students who are earning a Bachelor of Arts in Government with an Emphasis in Legal Studies go the extra mile outside of GCU to get the experience they need to move on to law school and become experts in their field.

Government Internships for Students

Government students Austin Sorrels and Melissa Flores are interested in pursuing careers in government and took up internships to ultimately help them reach their career goals. Sorrels interned in Las Vegas with an attorney to assist with legal work, while Flores had an internship with Immigration Survivors Legal Assistance through Catholic Community Services, where she learned the ins and outs of how a legal department functions. They both believe their experiences helped them gain insight into their field.

To learn more about Austin and Melissa’s internship experiences, watch the video below:

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The Government Program at GCU

Students who are majoring in government are provided with the tools and resources they need to succeed, including outstanding faculty, a supportive learning environment and relevant curriculum. Some of the course topics include:

  • Public policy in the federal government
  • Law practice
  • Political behavior and theory
  • Constitutional studies

In addition, GCU also offers a bachelor’s degree in government with an emphasis in state and local public policy that students can take to study government policy and the ways in which it affects the public at several different levels. This degree is also an excellent lead in to opportunities in government and internships, where students are sure to find a path they are passionate about.

GCU is proud to offer opportunities for student success. To learn more about the government program at GCU, check out the College of Humanities and Social Sciences or click the Request More Information button on this page.

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