Writing and Editing: Deciding if This is the Right Career Path for You

hand editing paper in red ink

Are you considering GCU’s Bachelor of Arts in English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing degree? If so, then your love of language and interest in writing and editing may have led you to this program. Continue reading for some help deciding if writing and editing is the best career path for you:

Professional Writing

Are you a positive thinker, open to constructive criticism and flexible enough to adjust your work to the demands of the market? If so, then professional writing may be for you. Many writers prefer writing over speaking. People for whom a career in writing is ideal tend to recognize good writing when they see it and have a love of reading. If these characteristics describe you and you’re willing to put in the work and perseverance to become a skilled and prolific professional, then a career in writing may be the right fit.

Professional Editing

Because today’s technology makes it easier than ever to become a published writer, the editor’s role is increasingly vital. As a professional editor, you can expect every project that you take on to have the same goal of improving the quality of communication. Whether you’re working on a blog, website, book manuscript or news release, revising, clarifying and improving the writing are the type of tasks that you can look forward to. As an editor, many of your responsibilities will be geared towards ensuring that the text is clear enough for the audience to follow, sufficiently accurate for a person who is knowledgeable on the topic and interesting enough to anchor the attention of its readers.

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