Gain a Competitive Advantage by Earning Your DBA

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Grand Canyon University’s Doctorate in Business Administration degree is a research-focused program designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to master data analytics, management and marketing.

Dr. Ronald Berman, Colangelo College of Business Assistant Dean and DBA program chair, has spent over 20 years in business at big companies such as IBM. In his years of experience, Dr. Berman has learned the importance of taking personal responsibility. He has also learned to see new market trends and take advantage of them. Dr. Berman has used his skills to help shape the GCU DBA program into what it is today. GCU’s DBA program has three emphasis options available.

Data Analytics

While you used to need a super computer to look at data, now it is at our fingertips. Big companies such as Amazon are using data analytics to work with their clients closer than ever before. By studying data analytics, students will develop the executive perspective needed to create a data-driven organization and achieve a competitive advantage in the workplace. GCU’s DBA with an Emphasis in Data Analytics focuses on topics such as big data, business intelligence, research design, data warehousing and data mining.


Management has changed a lot recently both nationally and internationally, especially through the use of ever-evolving technology. Students enrolled in GCU’s DBA with an Emphasis in Management will learn to create a responsive business structure and attain a competitive advantage. This program focuses on topics such as financial management, marketing research, business decision-making and organizational leadership.


Marketing is also an ever-changing industry and one that is becoming more and more dependent on technology. GCU’s DBA with an Emphasis in Marketing will help students gain the skills needed to develop a marketing-based organization as well as get a competitive advantage. This DBA Emphasis will focus on consumer behavior analysis, global marketing, digital strategy, cost and culture.

If you want to learn more about the program, check out Dr. Berman’s video.

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