What Jerry Colangelo Has To Say About Earning Your DBA

Jerry Colangelo at GCU

Jerry Colangelo is a devout Christian with over 40 years of sports business experience. Colangelo is responsible for bringing many professional sports teams to Phoenix, including the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Coyotes and Phoenix Mercury. With his work ethic and vast industry experience, it is no wonder Grand Canyon University’s Colangelo College of Business is his namesake.

With the business world constantly shifting and changing in such a fast-paced environment, there is a need for prepared leaders who can provide direction, drive organizational change and implement transformative business practices. Colangelo advocates for ambitious business professionals to earn their Doctor of Business Administration Program (DBA). GCU’s DBA is the perfect extension of our high-quality MBA program for professionals interested in performing and applying research skills to business in order to gain competitive advantage.

“Change is constant and anticipating business change is of paramount importance,” Colangelo explained. “GCU’s ACBSP-accredited Doctor of Business Administration program is designed for business professionals who understand the importance, value and opportunity of employing business research to gain competitive advantage.”

About GCU’s DBA

The Doctor of Business Administration is an educational experience that combines strategic management theory with transformative business practice. Learners gain expertise in the competitive needs of a global economy. Learners also enhance their skills in financial management, planning, marketing, research and business decision-making.

“Being the first company to identify a new trend, a different consumer behavior or an emerging market before other companies perceive this change provides exciting opportunities in a rapidly changing market,” Colangelo said.

GCU offers multiple emphases for DBA such as data analytics and marketing. The program is perfect for MBA grads and those with a business background. It broadens perspectives and sharpens practice through the Integrated Case Study, allowing learners to grow a complex business enterprise and re-evaluate its components.

The College of Doctoral Studies at GCU is pleased to offer our Doctor of Business in Administration degree program. Get started today by clicking on the Request More Information button on this webpage.

Written by Lily Cooper, a professional writing major at GCU.

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