What You Need to Know Before Earning Your PhD in Psychology

Trio of doctoral psychology students share laptop screens

Are you considering earning a PhD to further your education and advance your career? Pursuing a PhD in psychology is a valuable experience that can inspire and build your passion for your field. This experience can open several doors, such as new leadership opportunities in your profession. Here is what you need to know before earning your PhD:

Learn New Techniques

When you enroll in a PhD program, you begin to learn new techniques that will become extremely applicable within your field. During your doctoral journey, you will discover innovative ways of teaching, leading and training others by using your new, advanced knowledge of humans’ mental and emotional responses. Applying these techniques within your industry is a great way to improve your relationships and the fluidity in your work environment.

Conduct Research

One of the biggest contributors to your new knowledge will be the research that you conduct. Your research will play an important role in your doctoral journey. During your research, you will learn new techniques, seek new developments in current research and create theories of your own to achieve progress.

Choose from Several Emphases

To ensure that you can participate in the field you are most passionate about, you may want to see if your program of choice offers emphasis areas. At Grand Canyon University, we offer a PhD in psychology with an emphasis in performance psychology, cognition and instruction, I/O psychology and integrating technology, learning and psychology.

Choose Your Learning Modality

When you earn a PhD in psychology at GCU, you not only get to choose from several emphases, but you also get to choose between earning your PhD online or as part of a cohort in evening classes. These options can be ideal as they allow you to pursue your degree in a way that is convenient for you, yet still receive a high-quality education.

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