Is a Forensic Degree Right for Me?

forensic scientist wearing blue gloves analyzing a handprint

Do you think you have what it takes to become a forensic science major? Oftentimes, students enrolled in a forensic science degree program are surprised to find that their field of study is not what they expected. Many students view forensic science as a glamorous career field, as seen in television shows such as CSI. However, the field requires numerous skills and qualifications.

Topics of Study

Students earning a degree in forensic science must be willing to devote time to studying subjects such as biology, chemistry, human anatomy, pathophysiology and toxicology. These subjects are often accompanied with detailed class lectures, labs and comprehensive exams. This field of study leaves no room for laziness. Forensic degree students must also be interested in analyzing, collecting and processing evidence for legal investigations, as this will be the majority of work they will encounter in school and throughout their career.


Many forensic degree students believe that successfully studying the necessary subjects will equate to developing fast results. However, students must also acquire extensive problem-solving skills to help resolve the numerous investigations they will face. In this field, it is important for students to be quick thinkers, yet be content in knowing their results may not always be immediate and/or obvious, as they are often portrayed on TV. It is also important for students to develop a strong stomach for difficult crimes scenes that may contain blood, wounds, cadavers and weapons. It can be an extremely traumatic sight for inexperienced individuals. The key is to remain professional and remember the training and skills you gained while earning your forensic degree.

Why Earn a Forensic Degree at GCU?

Grand Canyon University offers a degree in forensic science through the College of Science, Engineering and Technology. This accredited and transfer-friendly degree program combines an advanced curriculum with small class sizes. Through this program, students gain industry knowledge and skills while receiving personalized attention from faculty. In addition, GCU is an affordable, private Christian university that provides numerous student resources for those earning a forensic degree, as well as numerous scholarship opportunities.

If you believe that a forensic degree from Grand Canyon University would be a perfect fit for you, then contact us for more information!

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