Mechanical Engineering Student Spotlight: Bianca Giorgi

Bianca Giorgi

Bianca Giorgi is a sophomore in the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree program at Grand Canyon University. Bianca describes the engineering program’s curriculum as challenging. After in-class lectures, students have the opportunity to perform hands-on activities, laboratories and experiments, which provides them with valuable learning experiences.

Originally from Italy, Bianca finds that Arizona is different, and she explains that she feels honored to be a student at GCU. She goes on to say that she truly feels that the school cares about who she is. She loves that the university incorporates and welcomes diversity. Because of the welcoming atmosphere, Bianca feels that she has found a new home in a different country.

According to Bianca, if you’re passionate and you work hard, then it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from or what you believe in – you will succeed at GCU because the university will be there to support you. Bianca feels that she can be the person that she wants to be because, at GCU, she knows that she is welcome and accepted.

To view Bianca’s full interview, watch the video below:

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