College of Science Engineering and Technology

Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) College of Science, Engineering and Technology offers a premier educational experience with relevant curricula designed to lead you to a career in a competitive science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) field. Industry experts have helped develop our college of science and college of technology programs to respond to demands for skilled professionals in these areas. As one of the growing engineering universities in Arizona, our curriculum changes to adapt to new developments in STEM industries. As we continue to grow our engineering colleges, we are adding new buildings and classrooms to campus featuring state-of-the-art technology.  

The College of Science, Engineering and Technology also provides biology degree programs if you intend to move on to an advanced health care program after earning your degree. This coursework is rooted in scientific theory, which helps you seek additional education to become a pharmacist, physician’s assistant, physical therapist or medical doctor. 

In addition to an updated, STEM-focused education in our engineering colleges and across our technology programs, the College of Science, Engineering and Technology fosters traits in adaptability, collaboration, creativity as well as ethical and social awareness, which industry experts say help make our graduates more competitive. Our education also nurtures and supports a Christian worldview, which informs ethical decision-making. 

Our Mission

In the most rapidly developing and competitive fields of STEM, the College of Science, Engineering and Technology creates a challenging and engaging, inquiry-based learning environment. Through robust collaboration and partnership with industries that require a STEM-prepared workforce, our faculty concentrate exclusively on student success within a deeply nurturing Christian setting.

A Message from the Dean

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Welcome to the College of Science, Engineering and Technology, where we strive to create an exceptional learning environment for you. Our degree programs are designed to help you become globally competitive in a STEM occupation, and our faculty and staff act as mentors to foster your success. 

Whether you are a student seeking entry into the workforce, or moving onto advanced education, I invite you to see what makes the College of Science, Engineering and Technology different. Please take a look at our programs and the guiding principles that our faculty and staff aspire to. We do all we can to establish a supportive environment and interact in ways that demonstrate Christian values and highly ethical principles while providing an exceptional STEM- and scientific-focused education that meets the highest professional standards.

Dean Mark Wooden, PhD 
College of Science, Engineering and Technology

Explore GCU’s One Foundation

GCU integrates the Christian worldview into work and learning in order to promote a culture of serving others and contributing to a higher purpose.

STEM Degrees

GCU's degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields help students prepare for the in-demand careers of tomorrow.

University Educational Alliances

One of GCU’s foundational values is academic advancement, and our aim is to advance educational achievement far beyond our classrooms through our educational alliances. GCU offers programs that help students of all ages benefit from education. Not only do these programs support students educationally, but they also support business and community success.


GCU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an institution that recognizes quality, integrity and continuous improvement in education. GCU remains committed to aligning our programs with the standards set forth by the accrediting bodies and even exceeding those standards to ensure you receive a quality education during your time here.

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