Campus Life at GCU: A Day in the Life of a Lope

GCU student holding a lopes up

If you are an incoming freshman, you may be nervous to start college. It is a new experience in your life and you do not really know what to expect. Well, wonder no longer! Continue reading to discover what campus life is like on a day-to-day basis as a GCU Lope:

Breakfast on Campus

Morning comes, and it is a new day at GCU. Head out before class to fuel up and grab some breakfast at any of our dining options, such as a breakfast sandwich from Chick-fil-a, a breakfast burrito from Qdoba or a variety of foods from Urban Center Cafe.

Class Time!

Now it is time to learn, which is something that Lopes love to do! Going to class gives you the opportunity to further your education and grow your skills in your desired major.

One of the hidden gems of GCU is the professors. Many of your professors are professionals in their field, so they are an indispensable piece of your educational journey. Because they are professionals, they can help you learn what scenarios are like in the real world.

Afternoon Study Break

Class might be done for the day, but the learning does not stop there. After taking a break and getting lunch or a snack, it is time to start working on homework or studying for an upcoming test.

One of the best places to focus on homework is on the second floor of the Student Union. Here, you will find large open seating in the middle of a coffee shop, the brand new Grand Canyon Beverage Company, where you can sip on cold brew iced coffee or a variety of flavor-infused teas.

Another great place to study is the campus library, which is on the third and fourth floors of the Student Union.

Evening Fun

Being a student here isn’t all work – it is definitely fun too! When night falls, the activities begin. One of the most fun things to do, which is a student favorite, is going to the GCU basketball games. What’s better than being with your friends and cheering on your Lopes?

However, if you’re not the biggest sports fan, there is still plenty else to do. You can participate in activities that will help you grow spiritually, such as Life Group or The Gathering.

Another option for evening fun is simply hanging out with your friends in your dorm room, out on Lopes Way or on any of the grass areas. There are so many different options that you can do for fun on campus that you will never be bored!

Our goal here at Grand Canyon University is to provide you with resources across campus that help enrich both the student experience and campus life. For more information, visit our website or click the Request More Information button at the top of the page.

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