Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Adjusting to Life on Campus

Tatum walking down Lopes Way

Adjusting to new surroundings can be difficult. After leaving the comfort of her friends, family and home, Tatum struggled to find her place during her first few weeks of life on campus.

At first, Tatum was having a hard time relating to those around her, because it seemed as though no one was missing home as much as she was. Without having her friends and family with her, she felt alone. When going to GCU’s scheduled events, she was able to have a good time and focus on what she was doing. However, when she was alone, she did not know what to do.

Tatum began to question her decision to live on campus. However, after some time, she started feeling more optimistic. She talked to her parents, who encouraged her and reassured her that she could come home whenever she wanted to.

Tatum wanted to graduate early, but she came to the realization that college is a unique experience to take advantage of. Rather than rushing things, it is best to enjoy every minute!

Tatum also learned the importance of being part of a community and surrounding herself with those who have similar values. She has found a group of friends that she really enjoys being around. While they have not known each other for very long, they care about each other and support one another.

To learn more about Tatum’s experience so far, watch the video below:

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