Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Christmas with Tatum

Tatum in front of Lopes Way

Going home for winter break can be a much needed break for Grand Canyon University students, especially after final exams and wrapping up the semester. For freshman Tatum Sorrelman, it was exciting to see her friends and family over the long break, and relax at home before returning to GCU for the spring semester.

Tatum was thrilled to get ready for Christmas, especially to decorate the tree with lights and ornaments. In Tatum’s household, they always pick out a real tree for the authenticity and fresh smell that has a unique holiday charm to it.

On Christmas Eve, the whole family celebrated at both sets of grandparents’ houses to share the celebration with the entire family. First was a trip to see her grandmother on her mom’s side for presents and quality time, before spending the evening at Christmas Eve church service. Afterwards, it was off to her other grandparents’ home to see the rest of her large family. They shared a meal and opened presents with her siblings and cousins, before returning home to put out a traditional plate of cookies out for Santa.

On Christmas Day, the family reluctantly woke up before the sun to satisfy the excitement of Tatum’s younger brother. Everyone was anxious to see what was under the wrapping paper – even the dog! One of Tatum’s favorite things was watching the expressions on her family members’ faces as they opened presents from her. The feeling of making her loved ones happy was the best gift for her.

Going back to school for second semester was bittersweet, leaving behind her family and laidback sleep schedule for her dorm room and backpack. Tatum was grateful for the time she spent with family, but was excited to continue her journey at GCU!

For more of Tatum’s winter break at home, watch the video below:

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