Freshmen Fears Debunked

By Morgan Lentz
Marketing Major, Honors College

two students holding a lopes up

You are driving up to the mile-long line outside of your new home, Grand Canyon University. It has all been leading to thisevery GPA point, every standardized test score, every shopping trip for random things you might need in the dorms from toilet paper to ramen noodles. All throughout school you’ve been being prepared for life outside of high school.

Summer went by in a whirl of mattress pads, new wardrobes and anxious murmuring about college classes. Suddenly you are moving in to your dorm and about to meet the random peers you’ll be living with the next nine months of your life. Will we get along? I mean, what if they are too messy or have a creepy habit, or worse… they eat your food! But what about school, can you handle the workload, are you sure you are in the right major? There are countless fears and joys going into your first year of college, as a student who just went through it – here are a couple of things you should know.

  1. Everyone changes their majors. Okay, not everyone… but about 80% of all college students change their majors at least once. So whether you are on the rocks or dead sure of what you want to dokeep an open mind!
  2. Nearly all of your peers are just as anxious to make friends as you are. A lot of students go to college knowing little to no one else. Pro tip: if you live in the dorms keep your door open and have snacks readily available for your neighbors to stop by. Try to get out of your comfort zone and make small talk with people you bump into in the elevator or the laundry room. Trust me, everyone is trying to meet people!
  3. It can get awkward, especially when you try to get to know the strangers you already have to sleep next to and share a bathroom. Best advice? Just try to loosen up and be welcoming!
  4. Develop good study habits early! Being on your own is super fun, but college classes are all about allotting your time wisely. Make sure that you keep time scheduled each day for homework and studying.
  5. Take advantage of opportunity! As we say here at the Honors College, opportunities are only as good as what you make of them. PAC Bootcamp? Sign up! Clubs? Put your name down! Join some intramurals and get involved on campus. College is great, but only if you don’t spend twelve hours of every day watching Netflix in your dorm.

I hope some of these tips helped, and my perspective eased your mind. Either way, it’s okay to still have some nervous energy for your first day on campus. College is a new horizon to be explored, and trust me you are ready for it!

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