What Can I do with a Communications Degree?

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Communication is a valuable skill that relates to all aspects of life, and it is especially valuable in the workplace. Whether it be for selling a product, building relationships with customers or leading organizations, effective communicators are needed in every industry.

A communications major is skilled in constructing messages, and possesses knowledge about effective communication and contextual factors that influence individuals personally or as business professionals. They are capable of understanding diverse audiences and determining how to best communicate with them. In addition, a communications major possesses skills in areas such as small group communication, managing conflict and organizational communication.

For these reasons, many career paths are available to those who have a communications degree. Here is a list of just some of the many fields communications majors can go into.


A person with a communications degree may be valuable in the field of marketing. They can use their verbal and written skills to communicate effectively with customers, coworkers and clients. This is often done through press releases, advertisements, company presentations and campaigns.

Within the field of marketing, a communications major can take on the position of marketing manager, which measures the demand for a company’s product or services. In addition, they collect information about the target audience and determine the best marketing strategy (McKay, 2015). A communications major’s persuasive abilities allow them to effectively communicate the value of products and services to consumers, benefitting the company.


There are many different types of media jobs available to communication majors. As the goals of the media are to communicate information to the public and provide entertainment, a communications major is well equipped for jobs in this field. Whether it be in the area of TV and film production, magazine and newspaper journalism, or online digital channels, the role of professionals in media is to communicate information in an appealing way (Tucker, 2015).

The media sector has changed drastically over the years, and there are many new and exciting opportunities. For example, new media has reshaped the way individuals communicate today. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest provide a way for individuals to interact at anytime, anywhere. The digital media industry is continuing to grow, leading to an increase of job opportunities in the field. For this reason, a communications major may be qualified for a job such as social media specialist or social media copywriter. In addition, communication majors can work for a company’s blog or even find success starting their own blog.

Public Relations (PR)

Another potential route for a communications major is to work in public relations. PR professionals gain publicity for the organization they work for. Their goal is to build and maintain a positive relationship between a business and its clients, and a communications major is able to utilize their skills to make this happen.

PR professionals monitor the flow of information between organizations and the public, ensuring the public holds accurate perceptions of the organization (Doyle, 2015). They work with the media to gain coverage and create a positive reputation for the organization. A communication major is a great candidate for a position like this because of their strong written communication skills and ability to persuade and interact with all kinds of people.

Human Resources

Another field a communications major is well-equipped to work in is human resources (HR). The HR department in any business is extremely vital to promoting ethics in the workplace, as well as ensuring employees are performing well and have access to resources. For example, an HR specialist recruits, interviews and hires job candidates and answers any employee questions concerning company policies and benefits (McKay, 2015). A communication major may excel in this field, as they are able to build and maintain relationships and communicate with many different types of people.

In addition to opening doors to a variety of career opportunities, a communications degree serves as a great foundation to build upon for those wanting to further their education. For example, a communications major can earn their master’s degree and be qualified to teach or become a counselor. Because of their strong communication skills and ability to work well with others, a communications major is well-prepared to further their education and go into these fields.

The opportunities are endless for those who major in communication. The knowledge gained from a communication degree can be applied to a variety of settings, which gives graduates the opportunity to try their hand at various types of jobs throughout their lifetime. Most importantly, many doors will be opened to graduates, and they can use their degree to find a career they are passionate about.

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