Research Shows Now is the Time to Earn Your BSN

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The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends that 80% of the nursing workforce should have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) by the year 2020. There are several reasons for this, for example, the technological advances that have developed in medicine and the increasing need for healthcare services.

Additionally, research has revealed that healthcare organizations that employ a higher percentage of BSN degree holders are associated with better outcomes for patients. In particular, hospitals with more nurses that hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing are linked to lower rates of patient mortality and failure to rescue. When you consider these facts, it’s not surprising that nurses with a bachelor’s degree are in high demand and that an increasing number of registered nurses are interested in earning a BSN.

If you’re a registered nurse and wish to advance your nursing skills and improve your employment opportunities, then a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree may be right for you. At Grand Canyon University (GCU), we offer the RN to BSN program for registered nurses who wish to take the next step in their career. This program is offered completely online or through evenings classes, allowing many RNs to earn their BSN on their schedule while balancing home and work.

In GCU’s RN to BSN program, you will complete courses taught by practicing nurses and experts in their respective fields. Explore a wide range of clinical and healthcare principles, such as nursing leadership, applied statistics for healthcare and the impact of societal forces on today’s healthcare systems. Also, you’ll be prepared to take on a greater range of responsibilities in healthcare settings as well as move on to a master’s program in nursing if that is your goal.

Would you like more information about Grand Canyon University’s RN to BSN program? If so, then visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.


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