Why Earn a DNP?

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There are many exciting opportunities for those who choose to pursue a career in nursing. If you have earned your MSN, you may be wondering, what are the added benefits of earning a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)? Continue reading to learn why earning a DNP can be beneficial:

Expand Your Knowledge

Study the establishment of programs of clinical excellence and explore ways to coach individuals and families through developmental, health-illness and situational transitions. Expand your healthcare knowledge with a degree in Doctor of Nursing Practice, you will take courses that include the following:

  • Emerging Areas of Human Health
  • Scientific Underpinnings
  • Patient Outcomes and Sustainable Change
  • Leadership for Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Health Care Informatics

Students develop core competencies in nursing science and consider ethical issues in health care research. The DNP curriculum builds upon the masters by including training in evidence-based practice, systems leadership, informatics, and quality improvement. Meaning, the DNP is ultimately designed to produce “leaders” in nursing. Earning your DNP will allow you access to opportunities in a variety of settings that were previously unattainable to those without a DNP degree from private practice to hospitals to universities and more.

Advance Your Career

With a Doctor of Nursing Practice, there will be more career opportunities to explore. While having a master’s in nursing can provide excellent opportunities for your career, a Doctor of Nursing Practice can help you prepare for leadership roles in nursing. If you aspire to make a career in a high-level nursing position or assume a lead role within a healthcare organization, a DNP might be the right choice for you. Here are some roles that you can obtain with a DNP:

  • General medical and surgical hospitals
  • Public health offices
  • Research facilities
  • Physicians’ offices
  • Independent practice

Further Your Education

By furthering your education, you open doors of opportunity to learn more about nursing as a science. Therefore, you will grow in your knowledge of how to provide quality care for your patients. Holding the DNP title can help you achieve your career goals, and the level and quality of education you receive can help you take your knowledge to a new level. By taking on the challenge of earning a DNP, you give yourself the chance to explore the nursing industry in-depth.

By having a DNP, you can apply for lead roles in nursing and pursue your passion to experience a wide variety of benefits.

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