What Can I Do with a Behavioral Health Science Degree?

Overhead view of a session with a behavioral health specialist and client

With a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science, you can prepare to work in many different settings. The behavioral health field is broad with many subcategories, giving you many options when it comes to your career. Here are just some of the many potential career outcomes with a behavioral health science degree:

Special Education Teacher

Special education teachers educate children with learning disabilities, helping them to learn basic life skills and meet the education requirements that fit their learning capacities. Behavioral health science majors’ communication skills allow them to effectively interact with students as well as their parents throughout their journey in school.

By choosing to earn your emphasis in childhood and adolescence disorders at Grand Canyon University, you can grow in your knowledge of childhood and adolescent development and behavior, particularly through understanding childhood and adolescent disorders. With additional education and certifications, you will be prepared to succeed in this career.

Marriage and Family Counselor

GCU’s bachelor’s degree in behavioral health with an emphasis in family dynamics program will introduce you to counseling theories, family dynamics, and couples and family systems. You will grow in your knowledge of competencies specific to family dynamics, such as how perceptions of families have changed over time, counseling theories that can help explain couples and family dynamics and how one’s family of origin can impact future relationships. With your knowledge, master’s degree and certification, you may be equipped to become a marriage and family counselor.

Mental Health Case Manager

Mental health case managers work with psychiatrists, assisting with patient screening processes in order to determine necessary treatments and a plan to carry out the treatment. In addition, they track progress throughout the treatment to ensure effectiveness. Specializing in trauma in your behavioral health science degree program can prepare you for a career as a mental health case manager. You will develop the skills to help trauma victims by understanding the effects of trauma and how to develop a plan to overcome them.

Grand Canyon University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers degree programs that give greater insight in to the many facets of human behavior. To learn about the degree programs at GCU, visit our website or use the Request More Information button at the top of the page.


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