Chapel: No More Excuses

By Paige Ferrari

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Pastor Tim Beal from Cornerstone Church helped us kick off Go Week at Monday morning’s Chapel service. Beal’s humor entertained the crowd, but his message hit deep.

He gave bits of his personal testimony of how he grew up in a church that wasn’t okay with who he was on the outside. His seemingly ragged appearance wasn’t acceptable.

Finally, someone asked him, “Why would God spend so much time making you the way He made you if He wanted you to be like everyone else?”

From that moment on, Tim accepted who he was and used his gifts to help plant and grow a church. Beal used his personal experiences to relate to the audience of young adults.

“Sometimes we have to stop giving God excuses to why He can’t use us … When we stop giving Him excuses and start giving Him our lives, crazy things start to happen,” Beal explained.

Sometimes when we aren’t feeling good enough about who we are, we tend to make excuses for God not to use us. Tim encouraged the crowd, pleading with us to stop giving excuses and just let God take control of our lives.

Watch the full talk here:

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