Fall Festival at GCU: Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my!

By Spiritual Life Team

Posted on November 03, 2014  in  [ Spiritual Life ]

Not real ones of course, but families and kids dressed up in Halloween attire for GCU’s ninth annual Fall Festival on October 30. Roughly 160 volunteers from various sports teams, clubs and anyone willing to give a helping hand came out to provide a Halloween experience of the ages for the surrounding communities.

“This event means that there is an additional opportunity to serve and get together,” said Danielle Rinnier, the Director of Spiritual Life. “It’s a platform for the community and gives GCU students another chance to be involved.”

Contagious enjoyment was felt throughout the event, as the intramural lawn was filled with carnival games, giant inflatables and candy – lots and lots of candy. From costumes of ghouls and ghosts to the iconic Anna and Elsa, thousands of children and even our very own GCU students flooded to the event.

“There were so many people,” said GCU junior Sara Porter. “I think that this is something that the community looks forward to. All the people who were there were so excited that we were doing it…just coming together to enjoy.”

For weeks, the candy drive had created a buzz around campus, offering opportunities for students and staff to take part in Fall Festival even if they couldn’t participate on the event night. All the donated candy was used at various booths so the kids could play games and trick-or-treat.

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