Trending Faith: What is GCU’s Stance on Sacraments?

A Bible with bread and wine under the Trending Faith logo

“We are not a church; we are a Christian institution,” said Tim Griffin, Grand Canyon University pastor and dean of students, in response to this week’s Trending Faith question.

The question delved a bit deeper into GCU’s views on the sacraments, such as communion and baptism. Pastor Tim delved into the idea that GCU is not a church and that we really encourage students to find their own faith communities, churches or parishes, adding that we hope students grow more in their faith and learn what their viewpoint is on sacraments.

“They’re symbolic, but the symbolism is profound,” said Dean of the College of Theology Jason Hiles, PhD, in regards to the practice of communion and baptism. Dr. Hiles encourages conversations and opinions about these sacraments in the various College of Theology classes. Because GCU is an interdenominational institution, students, faculty and staff come from a variety of backgrounds and denominations.

To help foster growth in each person’s faith, GCU really wants students to go into local churches to be surrounded by steady community and establish their own beliefs about the sacraments.

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