The College of Theology at GCU

Group of young adults in the middle of a Bible reading

At Grand Canyon University, aspiring Christian leaders and ministers in the College of Theology receive education and training that are grounded in the conviction that the Bible is the true Word of God. Watch this video for an introduction to GCU’s College of Theology, its purpose and how it readies students to serve the church.

By preparing learners to pursue successful careers in ministry and share the gospel as Christian leaders, GCU’s College of Theology serves the church and evangelical community. Our College of Theology is involved with a broad range of like-minded churches and Christian organizations, reflecting an exaltation of the unity we all have in Jesus Christ as we embrace different denominations.

Aspiring ministers and Christian leaders at GCU are provided with acutely focused theological training that is shaped by our conviction and grounded in biblical truth. College of Theology students have a variety of theological, transformative degree programs to choose from, each with real world relevance, such as Christian studies and the Master of Divinity. Also, we launched the Center for Worship Arts to cultivate new talent in worship leadership, production and performance.

The mission of our college is to educate students with the training and skills that they need to faithfully serve the church, communicate the gospel and minister with integrity at home and abroad. Whether they learn on campus or online, our bachelor’s and master’s students graduate from the College of Theology fully prepared to minister while living the message that they teach and preach. Find your purpose in ministry and Christian leadership.

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Grand Canyon University is committed to providing each of our learners with a quality education, and the College of Theology supports GCU’s Christian perspective. Whether you are interested in a bachelor’s or master’s degree, our college can prepare you with the education you need to minister to the next generation of disciples. Please visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page to find out more.

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