FAQ: Grand Canyon Theological Seminary

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The new Grand Canyon Theological Seminary (GCTS) is the College of Theology’s graduate school; the goal of the seminary is to ground you in biblical truth and sound theology. This includes helping you to make vital connections between the gospel and the church, which must be understood as a pillar and buttress of the truth.

If you are interested in learning more, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about GCTS:

What Is a Seminary?

The English word “seminary” derives from a Latin term for seed plot or seedbed, which was essentially a nursery used to cultivate plants. So, a seminary is an environment for cultivation and growth. A theological seminary in particular is an institution that offers academic preparation and training for ministers.

A theological seminary should intentionally form ministers who are grounded in biblical truth and sound theology, and who are qualified for gospel ministry because they have learned to watch their lives and doctrine closely. It should not merely be a place of rigorous academic work and study.

Rather, it must be a place where those called to ministry are equipped for a life of faithful service as ministers, scholars and Christian leaders. Faithful service requires a sharp mind and robust knowledge of the Lord, but it also requires a deep love for the Lord, for His people and for the world.

Why Launch Grand Canyon Theological Seminary?

While the College of Theology has kept pace with the growth of the larger university, it has become increasingly clear that its graduate programs require additional focus and attention. In order to move to the next level in theological education and cultivate a strong graduate culture, the prospect of creating a seminary was raised for discussion.

After prayerful consideration and lengthy dialogue, all involved came to the same conclusion: The creation of a seminary is in the best interests of GCU’s theology students, the theology faculty, the church community and the community within which GCU is located. For these reasons, the College of Theology has begun to develop and implement plans in order to launch the seminary in fall 2016.

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