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GCU’s online business programs are designed to prepare graduates for an evolving business field. Whether you’re looking for an undergraduate degree to launch your business dreams or a graduate program to develop in your field, GCU has the program you need. With a variety of degrees in entrepreneurism, business management, business analytics, finance, sports management and more, you can pursue your direct business goals with the convenience of an online format.

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Online Business Degree FAQs

An online business degree from the Colangelo College of Business equips students with a foundation of core business skills and knowledge. Each business degree champions the use of effective communication, critical thinking, global awareness, ethics and servant leadership. An online business degree can be as specific or general as desired, providing graduates with an array of opportunities upon graduation. The online format provides students with important business principles needed for growth without interrupting their lifestyle. Online business degrees allow students to develop the skills and training they need during the hours and locations most convenient to them. This allow business professionals to continue their vocation while gaining the specific training and education they need for career development.

Online business degrees are beneficial for those seeking to enter or progress within the business field. GCU’s online programs are specifically designed to give graduates a competitive edge in the industry through comprehensive coursework and a strong emphasis on development as a leader. An online business degree can prepare you for work as an accountant, entrepreneur, business analyst, manager or marketing specialist, depending on your chosen degree.

The business field is rich with opportunity for those seeking to apply their unique skillset. Between 2018-2028 over 591,800 new jobs are expected to be added within the business and financial operations field.1 GCU’s online business degree can help prepare you to evolve as a business professional as the field expands.

GCU’s Colangelo College of Business equips students to enter the contemporary business industry through degrees that foster innovation, servant leadership and excellence. Here are some reasons why the Colangelo College of Business is the right choice for an online degree:

  • Years of experience in the online education sector
  • Emphasis on servant leadership and conscious capitalism
  • Real world course application with an emphasis on Christian stewardship
  • Eight-week courses for a faster route to graduation
  • Available support for technical problems or questions
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View our vast online business offerings and find a program right for your professional interests. Explore our BS, MBA, MSL and DBA programs alongside our emphasis options to find your ideal online business degree.


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