College of Natural Sciences: Resources for Students

The College of Natural Sciences encourages you to enhance your college experience by taking advantage of the numerous resources and activities available. Whether you are seeking study help, career-centric skills, worship, community engagement or service, GCU hosts a spectrum of events, cultivating hands-on learning and exploration of careers in diverse fields, including natural sciences.

College is not just about the classroom — maximize your student experiences and prepare for your science career both on- and off-campus. Learn about GCU’s science resources for students that can complement classroom instruction.

There are so many resources at GCU that have helped me succeed. When I was a freshman, I was going to the ACE Centers and getting help there. I was also going to their After Dark sessions at night, when I'm usually doing homework.

Tara Garcia, Bachelor of Science with an Emphasis in Pre-Medicine, Minor in Psychology, Class of 2023
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On-Campus Facilities

The majority of the 26 laboratory spaces utilized by science students are housed in an 140,000 square-foot Technology Building. In addition to the classroom labs, any student can utilize the shops housed in the 162,653 square-foot Engineering Building, which also hosts a number of science course labs. Both buildings also hold dedicated work spaces for the Research and Design Program’s mentored research projects.

I wanted to come to GCU because of the cadaver dissection program, the Mastering Anatomy Program (MAP). Being involved in MAP, I can see people older than me who are graduating, applying to medical schools and teaching at the university. There's so much motivation for me to keep going. Once that initial shock of being in college went away, I realized, ‘Wow, this is why I'm here. I'm building my career.'

Tara Garcia, BS with an Emphasis in Pre-Medicine, Minor in Psychology, Class of 2023
Engineering building

GCU offers a range of services and support options that you can use to enhance your college experience while pursuing your academic journey.

Student in computer lab
Woman seeking help at GCU ACE Career Services
Student with professor in white lab coats in biology laboratory

The College of Natural Sciences is committed to our students before and after graduation. The advising center houses dedicated staff who can provide current students and graduates with help to seek future career possibilities. This may include the following:

  • No cost advising assistance from full- and part-time staff
  • Grad school preparation, coaching and mentorship
  • Application, essay and interview guidance
  • One-on-one meetings to help prepare for med school and other grad school programs
  • Workshops

GCU’s ACE Career Services maintains an active job board where you can find off-campus jobs, research experiences, service opportunities and internships.

In addition to the advising center, the College of Natural Sciences faculty are deeply invested in your future and are readily available to share their experiences and knowledge to help guide you on your career pathway. Several GCU faculty members also hold the certifications and clinical degrees sought by our students, enabling them to provide firsthand advice and guidance.