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Talented athletes. The thrill of competition. High-energy games. Diehard fans. The world of sports is exciting, whether you’re playing on the court or field, cheering in the stands, or even working behind the scenes. Are you passionate about sports? You don’t have to be an all-star athlete to get involved in collegiate sports or to pursue sports management careers.

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An Overview of Working in Sports

Sports business is a highly competitive field for anyone interested in working in sports. Professional opportunities exist in the fields of sports management, sales, marketing, event planning, law, facility management and intercollegiate athletics. Other potential sports business career opportunities include professions in sports medicine, coaching, physical education, kinesiology or athletic training.

Within sports business, you can narrow your pursuits by focusing on a niche. Some questions you can ask yourself to help find your focus area include: Am I interested in pro, minor, amateur or youth sports? Do I want to work in video, photography or journalism? Does a path in scouting, sales, marketing or social media sound like the perfect fit?

Sports Opportunities at Grand Canyon University

Sports events are a product, entertainment and experience in which professionals may have opportunities to pursue a career in the sports industry. In response, GCU offers the following sports business-related programs within our Colangelo College of Business:

Curriculum Aligned With Careers in Sports Management

The coursework in a sports management degree program incorporates subjects that are relevant to today’s business of sports. You will be taught key competencies in areas such as live events, sports media, marketing, marketing research, revenue generation and servant leadership. Other course topics include digital marketing, graphic design, sales, law, analytics and entrepreneurism.

Sports Management Careers To Choose From

Once you have earned your degree in sports management, there are many different sports management careers to consider pursuing. For example, you might consider becoming a sports agent.  

A sports agent is a representative for professional sports figures such as athletes, managers and coaches, as well as broadcasters. Sports agents are responsible for procuring and negotiating employment and endorsement contracts for the athletes or coaches they represent.

Another career within the sports management industry is that of a sports manager, who often handles the basic organization and scheduling of their clients. Both individual athletes and organizations hire sports managers to ensure that the life of the team or athlete off the field is just as successful as it is on the field.

Alternatively, a bachelor’s degree in sports management may lead you to a career as a talent scout. This professional is an experienced talent evaluator who travels extensively for the purposes of watching athletes compete and then determining whether their skills and abilities represent what the scout’s organization needs.

Hands-On Experience To Enhance Academics

It may be beneficial to explore opportunities in sports business and management and get actively involved early. Build relationships, job-shadow, volunteer, seek mentorship and gain hands-on experience throughout your college career. Even volunteering at a high school basketball tournament may help lead you toward a major in sports business.

Begin Your Career in Sports Management With a Degree From GCU

Find your purpose with a challenging yet potentially rewarding degree program in sports business. Not only could you work within an exciting, fast-paced culture, but you’ll also be working toward building a long-term career in what you’re most passionate about — sports.

GCU offers several sports business and management programs from the Colangelo College of Business. The Bachelor of Science in Sports and Entertainment Management teaches industry-aligned skills for future sports business leaders, including marketing, revenue generation, talent management and event operations. Fill out the form on this page to learn more about joining.

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