Evening and Online EdD in Organizational Leadership

By Samuel Sprague

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Earning a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership is an important step to pursuing a rewarding career in innovative leadership positions. Overall, the EdD in Organizational Leadership prepares graduates for an effective career as a leader in a wide range of fields. At Grand Canyon University, the EdD in Organizational Leadership has many emphases that tailor the program to the needs and career aspirations of learners.

Emphasis in Christian Ministry

The emphasis in Christian ministry is for church leaders looking to sharpen their leadership and get involved with seminary or ministry. Learners balance theory with practice, as they learn about ethical leadership, social responsibility and modern Christianity. There are many career opportunities for graduates of this program looking to commit to bigger roles in church leadership.

Emphasis in Health Care Administration

The emphasis in Health Care Administration will prepare graduates for a career in medical administration and leadership. You will develop an understanding of ethical practices in research, leadership and decision-making in the healthcare industry.

Emphasis in Behavioral Health

The emphasis in behavioral health is for licensed and practicing behavioral health professionals. In this program, you will gain a familiarity with important theories and ethical practices in behavioral health. This degree is helpful for practicing behavioral health professionals, including counselors, therapists and social workers.

Emphasis in Higher Education Leadership

The emphasis in higher education leadership is for active, aspiring leaders in postsecondary teaching and administration. Graduates will be prepared to approach complex challenges with an understanding of the history and politics of higher education, strategic planning and effective leadership. Graduates from this program may find opportunities as academic deans, chief academic officers, financial directors and postsecondary administrators.

Emphasis in K-12 Leadership

The emphasis in K-12 leadership empowers graduates to navigate K-12 instruction with a deep understanding of the history of K-12 education, leadership behaviors, strategic planning and development. Learners may find opportunities in many positions within the field, including teaching, counseling, consulting and other roles at K-12 and postsecondary institutions.

Emphasis in Organizational Development

The emphasis in organizational development is ideal for leaders and rising executives looking to advance their professional skills and learn how to help organizations achieve growth. Learners will interact with leadership theories and practices, strategic approaches to organizational change and ways to nurture organizational cultures. Graduates will find opportunities in education administration, district-level operations leaders and other positions.

Evening and Online Programs at GCU

The EdD in Organizational Development degree is available online or in the evening. Evening programs offer weekly classes one night every week, with the rest of the coursework online, making it easy to learn with full-time commitments. Online degrees provide you with flexibility from home or a location of your choice. Whether you choose an online or evening program, you will find a wealth of resources and a committed staff eager to guide you through your doctoral journey.

“My amazing experiences at GCU led to my life-changing doctoral journey. My doctoral program provided me with the opportunity to make a difference in the world through research. Throughout each course I received expert instruction, tools and resources. More importantly, I developed friendships through the DC Network TM. Together, we supported and encouraged one another to continue to reach and achieve our goals.”

-Dr. Brenda Combs, EdD in Organizational Leadership, Alumni 2012

If you’re interested in the EdD evening program, the winter 2019 EdD cohort begins on December 12. Please contact GCU for information regarding scholarship opportunities or enrollment.

Written by Samuel Sprague, a public policy major at Grand Canyon University.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.


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