What Can I Do with a DBA in Marketing?

Woman gives marketing presentation during a meeting

Are you interested in earning your doctorate degree in business administration (DBA)? If so, consider earning your degree from Grand Canyon University’s College of Doctoral Studies. If you anticipate growth in your academic and professional career, then GCU has the perfect program for you. By earning your Doctor of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing, you can open doors to high-ranking employment positions within different organizations and businesses. Here is a quick overview of the DBA in marketing program:

About the DBA in Marketing

The DBA in marketing program helps you learn how to apply marketing strategies to create a competitive advantage for your company. Within this program, learners learn how to asses consumer behaviors; refine market research, research and scholarly writing; and enhance their analytical skills. This program prepares learners for positions of the highest authority, as it is the most advanced and one of the most respected degrees in business industries.

DBA Career Outcomes

After earning a DBA in marketing, graduates may pursue a position as a chief executive officer (CEO) or a position of equal authority within a company or corporation. This specific business program allows learners to hone their leadership skills, as they prepare to manage a business and act as the leader and decision-maker for that company. Graduates of this program also obtain the skills and experience necessary to become a professor or instructor at any level, including collegiate. As an educator in the field of business, you will not only be responsible for teaching learners the different areas and theories of business, but you will also be preparing them for a competitive industry that is booming in the U.S.!

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