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Health Care Administrators Club

On October 24, the Future Health Care Administrators Club, in collaboration with the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), hosted an event that saw over sixty-four Grand Canyon University student attendees. Lead by the Vice President of Membership Committee of Arizona Healthcare Executives (AHE), Christopher Wilson acted as the moderator for the event. Among the healthcare executives that served as speakers are two recent Grand Canyon University alumni that graduated from the health care administration major.


Additionally, the President of the Early Careerist Chair, Kavita Ratan with some other healthcare executives came to the event to network with students after the panel discussion. The topics discussed were about leadership in healthcare, the transition from student to healthcare professionals, the importance of joining a professional organization, such as ACHE for students majoring in Health Care Administration and so forth.

The American College of Health Care Executives (ACHE) is a prominent professional society of healthcare executives that is committed to the development of leaders within the healthcare administration platform. Instead of offering strictly national conferences, this society is focused on giving an opportunity at a local level so that everyone has access to programs or even to board certification while working in healthcare management. With more than 40,000 executive members who are currently leading systems and healthcare facilities offering a wide range of different services, the society has demonstrated just how important it is to have a network designed to push executives and help them develop into the best leaders possible.

As students, ACHE offers many opportunities for students to stay connected with other Members through local chapter such as the Arizona Healthcare Executives (AHE) and by providing a reduced membership to students. Becoming a member can be beneficial to students because they can access the ACHE seminars, webinars, self-study courses, career guides, resume review/critique, leadership and personality assessments. On top of that, they can access ACHE employment services: job bank and resume bank and ACHE diversity internship. Moreover, the initiative of FHCA Club is to give their members the opportunities to gain networking experience and networking skills by bringing in healthcare executives and other healthcare professionals to come to speak to them and network with them. FHCA members experience interacting with healthcare professionals in the FHCA event such as this one which can help them develop and hone their communication skills.

The healthcare field offers a vast array of concentration for students to dive into after graduation. As healthcare executives and leaders in the healthcare industry, being able to inform the health care administration students about this matter is such a massive help as it gives them the confidence that they have chosen the right field of study and that they have something to look forward to after graduation. Networking events such as this one is an excellent opportunity for FHCA members as it will help them connect with other healthcare professionals that can later turn to a job offer after graduation or an internship position at a healthcare organization. The FHCA Club hosted a successful event that brought not only healthcare executives to Grand Canyon University but also internship opportunities to health care administration students.

The next ACHE event will be held on March 13, 2019.

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