Why I Love Educating Future Health Care Professionals

By Abimbola Farinde, PhD, PharmD
Adjunct Faculty, College of Nursing and Health Care Professionals  

two GCU nurses with a patient

When I initially began my journey in the health care field, I never imagined that I would be given the opportunity to teach or instruct others about the profession that has become my passion.

The health care industry continues to grow. With this growth comes the demand for more highly trained and educated practitioners.

For most of my professional career, I practiced in the clinical setting and, periodically, I was given the opportunity to educate others in the form of lectures, webinars, formal presentations and discussions.

When the opportunity arose to teach in an academic setting, I quickly jumped at the chance to pass on my knowledge, skills and training to others. There was no doubt in my mind that this was an opportunity for which I had been waiting, and having the opportunity to shape minds and guide future health care professional was one at which I wanted to excel.

This opportunity came in the form of Grand Canyon University and their nursing program. My background in pharmacology was well-received, and it was from experiences in this area that I am able to educate a variety of students with varying exposures to health care.

Regardless of the level of exposure, it is my goal to provide students with the knowledge and/or information that is needed to succeed in any practice setting.

Each year, I come in contact with brand new students and help them learn the importance of pharmacology and how it can apply to their day-to-day practice.

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