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In the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, we are proud to offer a range of degree programs in humanities and social sciences that help you develop the skills you need to succeed in a wide variety of fields. We are also home to the majority of undergraduate general education coursework at Grand Canyon University (GCU), and we are committed to helping you advance your ability to think critically, apply analytical constructs and communicate complex ideas clearly.

Our college of social science degree programs offer greater insight into the many facets of human behavior. Courses in areas such as psychology and sociology can help you develop skills related to individual and group motivation that may be valued in the workplace.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences also offers public administration courses that provide organization and management perspectives, while courses in subjects such as English language and literature help sharpen writing and critical thinking skills. Many of our courses also help you develop skills in areas such as assessing and interpreting data, tracking projects and forecasting the likely outcome of workplace initiatives.

Our curriculum is taught in small classes, allowing you to receive individualized attention from instructors. The intimate setting facilitates in-depth discussions that can help you sharpen teamwork skills as you practice adapting your focus and thinking to our continually evolving world.

GCU's Christian heritage supports the development of a servant leadership spirit and ethical decision-making abilities, so you can become a balanced, global citizen.

Our Vision for You

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences promotes research, creativity, ethical formation and inquiry through critical, analytic and interdisciplinary study. Our college's mission cultivates leaders in various fields of study through critical thinking and applied experience, linking theoretical foundations with practical application, which prepares you for today's diverse and evolving workplaces.

Doctrinal Statement

At GCU, our beliefs drive all that we do. Not only is the Word of God present in our classrooms and coursework, but it is also our promise to the world that we align ourselves to Christian values.

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Faith, Learning and Work

Discover how the scholarly process of joining knowledge of God with learning and work promotes a greater understanding of ourselves and our world.

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Guest Experts

GCU presents diverse speakers who share valuable insight into their faith and profession to help you experience a well-rounded education. See which speakers are coming soon to GCU.

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Our Master of Science in Addiction Counseling program has been approved for accreditation through the National Addiction Studies Accreditation Commission (NASAC). See a full listing of accreditations.

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College of Humanities Educational Alliances

Academic advancement is one of GCU's foundational values. Our goal is to advance educational achievement beyond our classrooms and campus and provide opportunities for all students by partnering with educational, private and government organizations. GCU offers programs that help students of all ages benefit from education, from graduating high school and earning a college degree to launching a career path. These programs are also designed to improve businesses and communities.

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