5 Qualities of a Successful Sports Manager

man in a dress shirt standing in front of a stadium

Did you know? The sports business industry is a multibillion-dollar marketplace that expands across the globe. The future is bright for individuals who earn their Bachelor of Science in Sports Management. If you are wondering what it takes to succeed in this field, here are some traits that make a successful sports manager:

Business Knowledge

Successful sports managers have business knowledge that is relevant to the sports industry. As a sports management major, you will examine marketing concepts as they apply to sports organizations, and will cover topics such as promotions and public relations, sports consumer behavior, strategic market planning and sponsorship. In addition, you will discuss relevant sports business topics such as sports media, marketing research, revenue generation and live events.

Communication Skills

Having good communication skills can help you to get ahead in just about any field, but it is especially valuable in sports management. For example, as a sports manager, you may work as an event planner for athletic, recreational, entertainment and other special events. In this role, you must be able to communicate your ideas in a way that will spark the interest of others and encourage them to attend your event.


Successful sports managers know what it means to be a servant leader. By making the needs of their customers a priority, they are able to network and build relationships that can lead to future business endeavors. These days, so much of a business professional’s reputation relies on what their customers say about them. Successful sports managers realize the importance of making their customers happy!


The field of sports management is continuing to grow and change at a rapid rate. In your sports management coursework, you will learn about the sports industry’s current issues and trends and how to adapt to them in your career. Overall, having an eye for innovation can help you to become a successful sports manager!

Passion for the Game

Last but not least, having a passion for sports is an important factor in becoming a successful sports manager. Throughout the course of your career, it is likely you will work in different settings as you climb up the ladder. You may work as an assistant to a sports manager, sell tickets or complete several internships along the way. At the end of the day, if you love sports, you will be able to find the motivation to continue doing what you love.

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