Is a DBA in Management Right for You?

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If your career needs a boost, going back to school can be the right solution for professionals. A Doctor of Business in Administration (DBA) with an Emphasis in Management can give you the thorough grounding and credentials you will need as an executive in a domestic or international corporation. Earning a doctoral degree requires an investment of time and effort, so take time to make sure it is the right path for you.

Succeeding in a Challenging Global Marketplace

Earning your DBA in management positions you to competently analyze and strategize to promote a corporation’s best interests in spite of the dynamic, ever-changing geo-political landscape. During the course of your studies and research, you will learn to think across borders to accurately assess risks to a company that may be driven by societal, economic and political factors in an area. The capacity to respond decisively and effectively in crisis management situations is what sets executives with DBAs apart from the rest.

Learning to Anticipate

It’s an unfortunate reality that middle managers and many higher level executives fail to anticipate future possibilities. If you dislike complacency and your leadership style is forward-facing, then you may do well with a DBA in management. Your in-depth knowledge and research skills gained during your work on your dissertation will set a foundation for your proactive leadership style.

Becoming a Thought Leader

A DBA is the highest academic achievement you can earn from a business school. It may be the right choice for you if you relish the idea of thought leadership or using your innovative ideas to lead change. With your academic credentials, you can become the trusted source of sustainable innovation.

The College of Doctoral Studies at Grand Canyon University is pleased to offer our Doctor of Business in Administration with an Emphasis in Management degree program. Students can choose from online and on-campus courses to fit their schedules. Get started today by clicking on the Request More Information button on this webpage.

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