The EdD in Leadership Emphasis Areas: Part 1

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Grand Canyon University’s EdD in leadership program offers a variety of emphases to help you find your purpose and advance your career in your chosen field. GCU offers the EdD online or in evening classes as a cohort. Explore the possibilities and find out which emphasis is right for you.

Behavioral Health

The EdD in leadership with an emphasis in behavioral health is a degree online that is designed for currently licensed and practicing behavioral health professionals to expand their skills in clinical supervision, intervention methods, and overall leadership. Learners in this program prepare to make a positive difference in the world by studying the business components of for-profit and nonprofit sectors of the behavioral health industry. Upon graduating, learners may find or continue work as a counselor, therapist or social worker.

Christian Ministry

GCU’s EdD program with an emphasis in Christian ministry provides valuable learning opportunities for active church leaders and pastors. This program allows learners to combine their Christian faith with the pursuit of academic excellence by balancing theory with strategy and reflective practice. Upon graduation, learners have sharpened their skills in leadership, theory and managing ministry organizations. Graduates of this program are prepared to enter the workforce as a strong leader in a Christian ministry setting.

Healthcare Administration

Choosing an emphasis in healthcare administration can help learners increase awareness of the multifaceted nature of the healthcare field. This EdD program goes into detail about modern topics and issues facing the healthcare industry, as well as the many levels of regulations healthcare professionals must address. By using evidence-based research to nurture a positive, productive culture, learners taking this degree online or as evening classes gain strong skills in management and leadership. After completing the program, graduates can advance in their career and direct medical or health services in hospitals, clinics, public health agencies and more.

These three emphases are only half of the EdD in leadership programs offered online or in evening classes by GCU. Find out more about GCU’s doctoral degrees by visiting our website today!

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