The EdD in Leadership Emphasis Areas: Part 2

Posted on March 29, 2016  in  [ Doctoral Journey ]

Last week, we started exploring Grand Canyon University’s EdD in leadership, and looked specifically at the emphases in behavioral health, Christian ministry and healthcare administration. GCU also offers several more emphases, available through evening classes or as an EdD online, to help you advance your career and take your education to the next level.

Higher Education Leadership

The EdD with an emphasis in higher education is geared towards learners who want to enhance their leadership and decision-making skills in the realms of teaching, administration and fiscal management. During discussions, learners review governance in present-day postsecondary institutions, explore leadership behaviors and strategize for the future. After completing this program, graduates may pursue a position as an administrator, director or faculty leader at a higher education learning facility.

K-12 Leadership

With an emphasis in K-12 Leadership, this EdD in leadership program helps teachers make an impact on the global K-12 education community by providing curriculum related to the history, politics, governance and structure of the modern K-12 educational system. Learners in this online degree program discuss emerging trends within the system. Upon graduation, learners may pursue a position as an administrator, department head or counselor.

Organizational Development

The EdD in organizational development provides leaders and rising executives with the skills to transform organizations for optimal success and growth. Through an online degree program or evening classes, learners can learn about corporate social responsibility through the evolution of leadership theories. Learners who graduate from this program have plenty of opportunities available to them; some may choose to pursue an advanced professional position, while others may lead operations in an educational or corporate environment.

Special Education

Choosing an EdD with an emphasis in special education helps learners become leaders in special education. Within the coursework, learners conduct in-depth research on the history and theories of special education, along with methods of intervention in all environmental types. In addition, learners review topics such as ethical dilemmas, stewardship and corporate social responsibility. Upon completion of the program, graduates can become a school administrator, lead special education teacher or special education consultant.

At Grand Canyon University, doctorate degree programs implement a formative dissertation process, allowing you to organize your dissertation from the beginning of your program. To learn more about GCU’s College of Doctorial Studies, visit our website today!

Written by Jessica Meyer, a senior majoring in marketing at GCU.

Jessica Meyer

Jessica Meyer

Jessica Meyer is a senior at Grand Canyon University. She was raised in Tucson, AZ, but recently moved to Phoenix to attend traditional classes at GCU. Jessica is majoring in marketing in the Colangelo College of Business.
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