What Can I Do with a BS in Computer Science?

male and female computer scientists working in lab

We exist in a world that heavily relies on computers, the internet and other web-based technology. Because of how much we rely on technology for our daily work, the demand for those who understand and utilize it has risen tremendously in the past few years. Here are a few careers that are perfect for those earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science:

App Developer

Smartphones and computers are just as prominent in today’s world as car keys or a wallet. Because of this, there is a constant demand for new applications and ideas to enhance these devices. A mobile app developer designs and codes different applications and programs for smartphones of all kinds. The same can be applied for programs on laptops and PCs. This type of developer has the opportunity to either work independently, coming up with app ideas by themselves, or for a company, creating apps on their behalf.

Algorithm Developer

With so many websites and programs needing algorithms, an algorithm developer position is worth considering. The purpose of the job is to design, program and test an algorithm’s code that will give better results based on the collected data. This code can be used for anything from a search engine like Google to recommending products on Amazon.

Software Engineer

Similar to an app developer, software engineers create applications for a wide range of devices through engineering principles. They design the framework of the software and test it to ensure the product is ready for the market. Their knowledge in a variety of programming languages helps them to build the various functions required for a successful product.

Computer Systems Analysts

A position sometimes overlooked is the computer systems analyst. This job is based on finding more effective solutions to increase efficiency and overall effectiveness. Having a degree in computer science and business will give you an advantage since these positions can deal with the business side of an organization.

Computer Programmer

Known as a diverse field that can improve the programs for computers, programming is a skill set that is always valued. While some schools may offer a computer programming degree to focus specifically on the subject, a computer science degree relies on it as well. You will learn different programming languages like Java in order to automate various tasks.

Research Scientists

Like many other fields in science, computer science has the need for research. Research scientists in this field tend to focus on making more efficient algorithms and functions for computers and networks. Increasing speeds and improving security of devices are common problems that require lots of analysis and fixing. Many researchers would benefit from getting a Master of Science in Computer Science or even a doctorate in computer science. A graduate level degree would be required in most research environments.


Education is a major part of training an effective workforce in any career field. By becoming a teacher in computer science, you will likely educate students on different programming languages, networking fundamentals and newly emerging advancements like cloud computing. With so many colleges looking to graduate students, a career in education should not be overlooked by computer science majors.


By getting a computer science and business degree, you can set yourself up for success in project management and business entrepreneurism. This degree gives you the technical skills needed to become a valuable asset to any tech company. By knowing the latest trends in the tech industry, you will be able to suggest better strategies for your company to adopt. Also, you can better communicate with individuals working in the IT field at your business.

How To Decide On a Career Path

With so many options available for a future career it can be hard to decide on one. First, it is important to realize there is a lot of room for growth in the technology field. If you eventually decide you don't want to be an entrepreneur or a teacher, you can work your way into other careers, such as software engineering or IT consulting.

Second, the career path you choose should be based on what might interest you and your calling. If you believe yourself to be an excellent programmer then it would be best to pick a field that shows off your skills in Java or Python. People who are better at managing time and show good leadership skills may want to work their way into management.

Businesses are always going to need new employees to handle new technology and you could be their next hire.

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Written by Judah Esparza, a junior majoring in business management at GCU.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.